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Santiago, also known as "Santiago Centro", is the capital city of Chile, and the historic and central municipality of Greater Santiago, a conurbation of 5,476,859, and containing 37 municipalities. Santiago has boomed in recent decades to become one of Latin America's most cosmopolitan and modern cities.

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Gran Torre Santiago64built2013(7)
Torre Vela Mayorfantasy(1)
Torre Titanium La Portada55built2010(5)
Costanera Center Torre 341on hold(1)
Costanera Center Torre 141on hold(1)
Torre Parque Arauco40cancelled(1)
Torre Telefonica33built1996(2)
Boulevard Kennedy & Santiago Marriott40built1999(4)
Torre de la Industria33built1994(1)
San Damián de Vitacura32under construction
Edificio Alerce32under construction
Isidora 3000 & W Hotel31built2008(1)
Torre Centenario31built2000(2)
Costanera Center Hotel28built2012(1)
Millenium Building31built2000(3)
Torre Alameda30built1996(3)
Torre Santa María29built1981(4)
Torre Huérfanos27built2013(1)
Edificio Geocentro Agustinas36vision
Edificio Las Américas30built1990(1)
Edificio CCU27built2007(1)
Espacio Tres Etapa 637cancelled
Espacio Tres Etapa 537cancelled
Espacio Tres Etapa 437cancelled
Espacio Tres Etapa 337cancelled
Espacio Tres Etapa 237vision
Espacio 3 Edificio Plaza36built2009
Edificio Santiago Centro25built1983(1)
Grand Hyatt Santiago24built1992(2)
El Bosque 50024built2001(4)
Torre Los Andes28built1998(3)
Torre de la Costanera26built1998(1)
Torre del Pacífico26built1996(2)
Torre Interamericana25built1990(2)
Edificio Nuevo Centro33built2007
Edificio Fundacion27built1982(2)
Parque Titanium Torre C23built2014(1)
Parque Titanium Torre B23built2013(1)
Parque Titanium Torre A23built2012(1)
Torre Simón Bolívar24built1992(1)
Torre Las Condes24built1995(1)
Edificio Banmédica24built1996(2)
Torre del Bosque23built1996(1)
Torre Paris22built1998(1)
Territoria El Bosque22built2012
Edificio Corp Group26built2006(1)
Edificio Mistral25built2006(1)
Edificio Neruda24built2005
Edificio Metrópolis23built1998(3)
Torre de Vitacura23built1999(1)
Edificio Cruz Blanca20built1992(1)
Edificio Quantum18built2013(1)
Torre Isidora Magdalena25built2007
Isidora Foster24built2005(2)
Isidora 200022built2001(1)
Torre Tajamar A28built
Edificio Santo Domingo 136428built2006
Edificio Santo Domingo 135528built2008
Edificio Patio Foster20built2013
Birmann 2418built1999(1)
Parque Los Angeles25built1999(1)
Edificio Concepto Aqua27built2008
Torre Capitolio21built1998(1)
El Golf 200121built2004(1)
Oficina Principe Gales18proposed
Atton Hotel18built1998
Núcleo Urbano Iberoamérica 226built2007
Núcleo Urbano Iberoamérica 126built2007
Edificio Parque Capital 226built2007
Edificio Parque Capital 126built2007
Edificio Amunategi26built2008
Carmen Plaza26built2007
World Trade Center21built1998(1)
Edificio LAN19built
Edificio Matta19built2008
Edificio Mutual de Seguridad17built1999
Torre Provida18built1996
Edificio CGE19built1995
Embassy Office Center Tower II15cancelled
Embassy Office Center Tower I15cancelled
Edificio Manantiales17built1999
Edificio Consorcio16built1994
Edificio Manantiales17built1999
Santiago 200025built1995
Ritz-Carlton Hotel15built2002
Gen Buildingbuilt2010