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Taipei 101101built2004(25)
Shin Kong Life Tower51built1993(7)
Cathay Landmark46built2014(5)
Farglory Financial Center32built2012(4)
Far Eastern Plaza 243built1994(8)
Far Eastern Plaza 141built1994(6)
Yihwa International Hotel42built2014(1)
Yihwa International Residential Tower B45built2014(1)
Yihwa International Residential Tower A45built2014(1)
Huaku Sky Garden38built2016(1)
Hua Nan Bank World Trade Building27built2015(2)
President Enterprise Corporation Tower37built2005(4)
W Hotel31built2010(3)
One Park Taipei South35built2016(1)
Tuntex Tower38built1990(3)
Grand Mayfull25built2014(1)
Peace Palace38built2014(1)
Cetra Building33built1990(4)
Continental Engineering Corporation Tower31built(3)
Chinatrust Bank Headquarters Tower 130built2013
Runtex Nangang Train Station Building 230built2014
Runtex Nangang Train Station Building 130built2014
One Park Taipei North31built2016(1)
Oman TiT27built2012(1)
Tai Power Building27built1985(1)
Walsin Lihwa Building27built2009(1)
Fubon Banking Center24built1995(2)
Taishin International Bank Tower25built2005(3)
Chinatrust Bank Headquarters Tower 221built2013
Wu Yo27built2015(1)
Taipei Veterans General Hospital23built
Cathay Life Insurance Building27built(1)
Jia Mie International Tower28built1995(1)
Koutai International Building27built(1)
Qin Mei Zhen Pu32built2010(1)
Cloud Top30built1997(1)
Federal Building15built2005
Central Plaza31built(1)
Kingdom of Global View27built2007(1)
Pxmart Headquarters22built2013
National Taiwan University Hospital Child ...22built2007(1)
Alps Mansion31built1995(1)
Polaris Garden27built2007(1)
Lite-On Technology Center23built2002(1)
Ministry of Transportation & Communications23built2006(1)
Farglory International Center26built1989(1)
Carefree City29built2008(1)
Genting Building 230built(1)
Genting Building 130built(1)
Elitegroup Computer Systems Headquarters21built2007(1)
Royal Parkview Tower29built2004(1)
Treasure Palace28built2005(1)
Taipei Century Plaza28built1997(1)
Asia Plaza27built(1)
The Moon25built2002(1)
Taipei Miramar16built2003(1)
Fubon Financial Xiyin A1022built2014
Hsing Wu Building24built(1)
Hsin Ji Building24built1997(1)
Sky Villa23built2007(1)
Foremosa Twin Towers30built1993(1)
Metropolitan International Center26built(1)
Cheng Loong Rich Beitou29built2008(1)
Cathay DunNan Commercial Building27built1989(1)
Teng Cloud Building23built2000(1)
Lingyun Trade Tower27built1991(1)
Le Meridien Taipei Hotel21built2010(1)
Yi Pin Yuan23built2010(1)
Hongsheng International Financial Centre20built2014(1)
Yong-He Residences27built2013
Cathay Financial Center26built(1)
Cathay Hsin-Yi Office Building 224built
Cathay Hsin-Yi Office Building 124built
Thai Kai Building23built(1)
Chinese Petroleum Building22built2002(1)
Taiwan Cellular Corp Building21built
Fubon Futures Co. Ltd. Building21built(1)
First Commercial Bank22built(2)
Wan Garden26built2015(1)
Grand Hotel12built1973(1)
Federal Building Complex 322built
Federal Building Complex 222built
Federal Building Complex 122built
CTC Financial Building22built
Wen Xin AIT26built2012(1)
Hyatt sky B26built1985(1)
Hyatt sky A26built1985(1)
Shin Kong Jasper Villa25built2005(1)
Shin Kong Jasper Tianmu25built1995(1)
Taipei International Tower B21built(1)
Megaholdings Financial Tower21built1987(1)
Exchange Square 219built(1)
Exchange Square 119built(1)
Romain Rolland27built1990(1)
Brilliant Century24built2007(1)
Double Happiness23built2011(1)
Caesar Park Taipei20built1973(1)
Ye Choi Kee World Trade Center21built1988(1)
Grand Hyatt Taipei23built1989(1)
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