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Rome Building14built
Palace Building14built
Nations Commercial Building16built1986(1)
The Westin Taipei15built(1)
211 An He Road18built
Minsheng Commercial Building16built1986(1)
Phoenixtec Head Office13built1993
Apollo Building13built
8 Chung Hsiao West Road13built
AEGON Corporate Headquarters Taipei E13built2014(1)
193-195 An He Road17built
Lai Lai Sheraton14built1979(1)
Sogo Department Store13built
Kuan Chien Building13built
KMT Headquarters13built
Zong Lun Building14built2006(1)
McKay Memorial Hospital16built1999
Cosmos Hotel15built
CEC Headquarters Building13built1999
Taipei City Hall12built
Tan Shui Residential Towerbuilt
Longbon Tienmou Mansionbuilt1998
Fuyang Construciron Office Buildingbuilt
Global Corporate Building15built1984(1)
Black Pearl B12built2002(1)
Black Pearl A12built2002(1)
Sheng Yang International Financial Center10built1995(1)
Balfour Trade Building15built1984(1)
Hsing Kuang Plaza12built
Hotel Royal Taipei12built
Diamond Building12built
261-263 Tun Hwa South Road14built1982(1)
USI Headquarters12built2001
Sung Chiang Building12built
Ritz Landis12built1979
Li Li Office Building12built
Imperial Inter-Continental12built1967
Huaku E-Park12built
Gold Sesame Business Plaza12built
Compal Headquarters12built1999
Capitol Trade Building12built
Ambassador Hotel12built1964
No. 131 Nanjing East Road Section.313built(1)
Set TV Building9built2002(1)
Brother Hotel14built(1)
AEGON Corporate Headquarters Taipei B11built2014(1)
De Jie Condominium11built2001
AEGON Corporate Headquarters Taipei A11built2014(1)
Mitac Headquarters10built2000
Fubon Condominium Complex10built1997
Delpha Der-Hui Building10built2001
225 Tung Hwa South Roadbuilt1996
Gala Hotel12built1979
Evergreen Laurel Hotel12built2001
Kee Tai Condominium9built1999
Liyuan Building24built1982
Haihua Financial Building22built1993
Warwick Plus20built2013
Hongguo Building19built1989
Anton International Tower18built1987
Prince DunNan Building17built1999
New CTCI Building Tianmu17built2009
Wen Hua Yuan15built2014
Mandarin Oriental14built2012
Makoto Bank Head Office Building14built2005
Taipei Cultural & Creative Building13built2012
Sunworld Dynasty13built1983
Breeze NAN JING13built1983
Syntrend Building12built2014
Ministry of Health and Welfare12built2014
Taiwan GSM Headquarters11built2001(1)
Presidential Palace9built1919(1)
Taipei Railway Station7built1991(2)
Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hallbuilt1976(1)
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