Rotterdam is, in terms of population, the second largest municipality in the Netherlands and the largest city in the province of Zuid-Holland (South Holland), the country's most populous province. The city has the largest port in Europe and was until recently the world's busiest port. It is situated on the banks of the river Nieuwe Maas ("New Meuse"), one of the streams in the delta formed by the Rhine and Meuse rivers. The name "Rotterdam" derives from the city's origin at a dam in a small river, the Rotte, which from the north joins the Nieuwe Maas at the heart of the city.

-Wikipedia 2017

Nowadays Rotterdam attracts a great deal of international interest as a city of architecture. After 1985 it's skyline has rapidly expanded with many new tall offices and luxury high-rises.

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Baan Toren47proposed(1)
Station Oostzijde21proposed(1)
Kopenhagen Tower22proposed(1)
Forum Rotterdam16proposed
Woongebouw Gedempte Zalmhaven20proposed(1)
Kaap de Goede Hoek15proposed(1)
Veilingwegcomplex Fase 213proposed
4e Woontoren Lloydpier13proposed(1)
Nieuw Stadt en Land15proposed
Nieuw Wandeloord 212proposed(1)