Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is Brazil's second largest city, and the capital city of the state of the same name. Once Brazil's historic capital, the capital was moved to Bras?lia in 1960.

Known for its natural areas, beaches, and multi-ethnic culture, Rio de Janeiro is one of the cultural capitals of Brazil. It's also known for the stark contrast between the rich and poor.

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South Beach Residence Club10built1930
Royalty Barra Hotel16built
Hotel Novo Mundo13built1950
Epitácio Pessoa 201414built
Sao Clemente Residence Service B12built2003
Sao Clemente Residence Service A12built2003
Maria Luiza Pitanga 8514built
Sao Sebastiao12built1980
Farani 312built
Torre Garagem15built
Hotel Gloria12built1922
Centro Empresarial Barra Shopping 37built
Centro Empresarial Barra Shopping 27built
Centro Empresarial Barra Shopping 17built
Centro Empresarial Mario Henrique Simonsen 46built2003
Centro Empresarial Mario Henrique Simonsen 36built2003
Centro Empresarial Mario Henrique Simonsen 26built2003
Centro Empresarial Mario Henrique Simonsen6built2003
Conselheiro Saraiva 206built
Americas Corporate3built2010
Theatro Municipal5built1909
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