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Riga is the capital city of Latvia, and the largest city of the Baltic states. The city lies on Baltic Sea at the mouth of the River Daugava. Riga historic city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and includes an extensive collect of Art Nouveau-styled architecture.

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Jurmalas Gatve 5312built(1)
Ilukstes 4612built(1)
Dzelzavas 4212built(1)
Dzelzavas 4012built(1)
Dzelzavas 3812built(1)
Dravnieku 412built(1)
Maskavas 31513built(2)
Skanstes Business Centre11proposed(1)
Veldres Street 3213built1978(1)
Rivas 213built1978(1)
Rasas 2-113built(1)
Brivibas Street 40213built1978(1)
Brivibas 38813built(1)
Aviacijas 1713built(1)
Aviacijas 1313built(1)
Onkologijas Centrs10built1984(1)
Riga Akropole9under construction(1)
Priedaines 2013built2013(1)
Hanzas Residentials12on hold(1)
Mirdzas Kempes 912built(2)
Mirdzas Kempes 712built(1)
Mirdzas Kempes 512built(1)
Mirdzas Kempes 312built(1)
Mirdzas Kempes 1112built(1)
Mirdzas Kempes 112built(1)
Anninmuizas 11a12proposed
DnB Nord Bank11built2010(3)
Maskavas Street 31313built1978(2)
Maskavas 31713built(2)
Kaniera 1813built1978(2)
Kaniera 1613built(2)
Kaniera 1413built(2)
Kaniera 1213built1978(2)
Jurmalas Gatve 5913built1982(2)
Kveles 2412built(2)
Jauna Teika - Building No.212built2009(1)
Dravnieku 212built(2)
Deglava Street Apartments12on hold(1)
A. Saharova 1912built(2)
A. Saharova 1912built(2)
A. Saharova 1712built(2)
A. Saharova 1512built(2)
RÄ«gas Kinostudija9built(1)
Riga Central Market - Milk Pavilionbuilt1930(1)
Riga Central Market - Meat Pavilionbuilt1930(1)
Riga Central Market - Grocery Pavilionbuilt1930(1)
Riga Central Market - Fish Pavilionbuilt1930(1)
Zirnu Iela 313built(3)
Zirnu Iela 113built(2)
Veca Jurmalas Gatve 713built1980(2)
Veca Jurmalas Gatve 1b13built(2)
Veca Jurmalas Gatve 113built1977(1)
Vangazu Iela 2613built(2)
Vangazu 3213built(1)
Vangazu 3013built(3)
Vangazu 2813built(1)
Vangazu 2413built1981(1)
Vangazu 1213built(1)
V. Jurmalas Gatve 1-213built(3)
Slokas Iela 16313built1980(2)
Slokas 17113built1979(1)
Slokas 16513built(2)
Salaspils 913built(2)
Salaspils 713built(2)
Rigondas Gatve 513built1982(1)
Rigondas Gatve 413built(2)
Rigondas Gatve 313built1983(1)
Rigondas Gatve 213built(2)
Rigondas Gatve 113built1985(1)
Maskavas Iela 29913built(2)
Maskavas Iela 29713built(2)
Maskavas Iela 29313built(2)
Maskavas Iela 28113built(2)
Maskavas Iela 27513built(2)
Maskavas Iela 259-213built(2)
Maskavas Iela 259-113built(2)
Maskavas 30113built1980(2)
Maskavas 28713built(2)
Lokomotives 5813built(3)
Lokomotives 5413built(2)
Lidonu 2813built(2)
Kurzemes pr. 2613built(2)
Kr. Valdemara Iela 153-113built(2)
Ikskiles Iela 513built(3)
Ikskiles Iela 1313built(3)
Ikskiles 913built(2)
Ezermalas 2a13built(3)
Ezermalas 2713built(3)
Ezermalas 2513built(3)
Ezermalas 2-213built(3)
Dzirciema 3113built1984(1)
Dzirciema 2713built(2)
Dzirciema 2513built(2)
Dzirciema 2113built(2)
Birzes 3013built(3)
Birzes 2813built1978(1)
Birzes 2613built1978(1)
7 Vidzemes Alley13built1971(1)
7 Ikskiles St.13built1974(1)
52 Lokomotives St.13built1981(1)
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