Formerly known as Nanking.

As a famous historic city, Nanjing ranks with Xi’an, Luoyang, Beijing, Hangzhou and Kaifeng as six major ancient Chinese capitals. Now,Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu Province.
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Nanjing Greenland Financial Complex89built2010(9)
Deji Plaza Phase 270built2013(2)
Youth Olympics Center Tower [1]68built2015(2)
New Century Plaza Tower A52built2006(1)
Youth Olympics Center Tower [2]58built2015(1)
Jinling Hotel Phase 257built2013(1)
Xinjiekou Department Store Tower60built2009(1)
Landsea International Plaza53built2009(2)
Kingtown International Center50built2013(1)
Nanjing Merchants Property International F...51built2007(2)
Golden Eagle International Shopping Center42built2016(1)
Jiangsu Power Co. Headquarters35built2004(1)
Shangmao Century Plaza56built2002(2)
Nanjing International Trade Center50built2010
Winsan Plaza Office Tower55built2007
Golden Eagle Plaza58built1997(1)
Suning Rui City Tower 746built2015
Suning Rui City Tower 646built2015
Suning Rui City Tower 1034built2015
Jiangsu TV Station Building36built2007(1)
Zhonghuan International Plaza50built2008
Zhongshang Wanhao Center54built2009
Nanjing Financial City Tower 446built2017
Nanjing Financial City Tower [6]46built2016
Nanjing Financial City Tower [2]46built2016
Suning Electric Plazabuilt2016
Electronic World Tower46built2008(1)
Yanlord International Apartments Tower B44built2006(1)
Galaxy International Plaza49built2009
Number One Zhujiang49built2008(2)
Nanjing New World Center B44built2003(1)
Nanjing New World Center A44built2003(1)
Nanjing Yilai International Plaza48built2003
Suning Rui City Tower 939built2015
Sky Capital38built2006
Suning Rui City Tower 829built2015
Jiangsu News Center50built2003(2)
Jiangsu Communications Network Centre43built
Nanjing International Center North Tower38built2009(1)
Nanjing International Center South Tower35built2009(1)
Lianqiang International Mansion36built2008
Yanlord International Apartments Tower A44built(1)
Sheraton Nanjing Kingsley Hotel42built
China Merchants International Finance Cent...44built1998
Nanjing Tianan International Mansion45built2003
Grand Metropark Hotel Nanjing40built1997
Dongcheng International Center Tower A44built
Xuanwu Lake Mingren Tower36built2004
Deji Mansion35built2003(1)
Xufu Lane Telecom Building29built(1)
Changfa Center Office Tower 226built2007(1)
Changfa Center Office Tower 126built2007(1)
Four Season Renheng44built
Fortune Building Tower B40built2003
Fortune Building Tower A40built2003
Nanjing Postal Office Building40built1996
Nanjing Jinshan Building Main Tower32built
Hongye Building32built
Changfa Center Residential Tower 2built2008(1)
Changfa Center Residential Tower 1built2008(1)
Acropdis Park 133built2007
Huatai Securities Building30built
Winsan Plaza Apartments35built2008
Jiangsu Grand Hotel34built
Nanjing TV Station21built(1)
Nanjing Europe City Tower 130built2007
Huawei Mansion30built(1)
Jin Ying Plaza33built2008(1)
Landmark Plaza30built
Nanjing Guoxin Hotel29built2001
Yingjia Building28built
Shuguang International Hotel28built2007(1)
Mengminwei Tower28built2003
New Century Hotel35built1997(1)
Jinling Hotel36built1983(1)
Tianfeng Mansion30built
Qinghua Mansion29built
Sumec Building21built1987(1)
Tianhuan Tower25built2002
Nanjing Jinshan Building Assistant Tower26built
Fenghui Building28built
Nanjing Public Security Building25built
Jinluan Tower31built
Nanjing Grand Hotel26built
Jiangsu Finance Department26built2002
Zhongnan International Building24built(1)
Dongcheng International Center Tower B31built2007
Phoenix Palace Hotel30built
Yuhe Mansion Tower A28built
Xinghan Mansion28built
Xinchen International Mansion28built
Nanjing Investment Mansion27built
China Construction Bank24built
Shangri-La Hotelbuilt
Jinying International Garden Plaza 134built2003
Nanjing Post Headquarters28built1996
Nanjing Metro Building26built2005(1)
Liuhe Building29built2004
Jinhua Tower31built
Worker Building30built
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