Formerly known as Nanking.

As a famous historic city, Nanjing ranks with Xi’an, Luoyang, Beijing, Hangzhou and Kaifeng as six major ancient Chinese capitals. Now,Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu Province.
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Jiangsu Shuili Building24built
Dongyu Mansion28built(1)
Sunshine Mansion25built(1)
Nanjing Newspapering Building26built
Modern Building26built
Guyang Century Tower22built
Xuanwu Hotel20built
Shangri-La Dingshan15built2001
Yuhe Mansion Tower B22built
White Palace Hotel22built
Haide Tower20built2005
Paradise Hotel20built1991
Jinpeng Building18built
Jiangsu Huaying International Hotel16built2001
Pacific Business Building15built
New Era Hotel11built
Nanjing Yuantong Square Tower 131built2007
China Merchants International Finance Cent...31built1998
Zixin China Colligate Square Tower 130built2007
Zhongtai International Square A28built2007
Dongdu Binjiang Building22built2007
Sodu Building18built2006
Jiangsu Tianjing Hotel16built1990
Shangri-La Dingshan15built
Nanjing Central Emporiumbuilt
Changta Centerbuilt
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