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Wadala Tower (James Law Cyberstructure)200vision(1)
India Tower126cancelled(1)
World One117on hold(2)
Imperial Tower 3116vision
Three Sixty West Tower B82under construction(2)
DLF Tower C90cancelled
DLF Tower B90cancelled
DLF Tower A90cancelled
Four Seasons Hotel Tower 271cancelled
Shreepati Estate82proposed
The Waves80cancelled(1)
India International Trade Center72cancelled
Palais Royale66under construction(1)
Namaste Tower63on hold(1)
Lokhandwala Minerva85on hold(1)
Park Hyatt Tower85cancelled
Shreepati Skies81cancelled
Indra Tower80cancelled
HBS Skyline76proposed
Century IT Park59stale proposal
World View82under construction(1)
Indiabulls Sky Suites75on hold
Piramal Aranya Tower A69under construction(1)
The Trident Tower A70proposed
The Infinity Tower I65proposed
Orchid Heights Tower A64under construction(1)
Orchid Turf View Tower A76proposed
Hubtown Realms80cancelled
Ruparel Ariana73under construction(1)
The Park Tower 678under construction
The Park Tower 578under construction
The Park Tower 178under construction
Lodha Parkside78under construction
Lodha Marquise78under construction
Twisting Horizons71vision
Omkar 1973 Worli Tower C67on hold(2)
Omkar 1973 Worli Tower B67on hold(2)
Omkar 1973 Worli Tower A67on hold(2)
One Avighna Park64built2017(1)
Orchid Turf View Tower B70proposed
Nathani Heights72under construction
Eon Tower65proposed
Elphinstone Mills Tower60cancelled
Orchid Crown Tower A72under construction(1)
Orchid Crown Tower C68under construction(1)
Orchid Crown Tower B68under construction(1)
The Imperial - Tower II60built2010(1)
The Imperial - Tower I60built2010(1)
Three Sixty West Tower A50under construction(1)
Trump Aerial Tower69cancelled
Nirvana Tower I64on hold
Four Seasons Private Residences55under construction
Ahuja Towers [1, 2]54built2016(1)
Omkar Alta Monte Tower D62under construction
Indiabulls Sky65cancelled
Trump Tower @ The Park77under construction(1)
Altamount Road Lodha Project48under construction
Celestia Spaces A & B63under construction
Auris Serenity Tower 369under construction
Auris Serenity Tower 269under construction
Auris Serenity Tower 169under construction
Godrej Sky67under construction(1)
Raheja Artesia60under construction
Oberoi Skyz Phase 265vision
Oberoi Skyz Phase 165vision
Fuego51on hold
Salsette 27 Tower B65under construction
Salsette 27 Tower A65under construction
Two ICC68under construction
World Crest57built2017(1)
Indiabulls Sky Forest80under construction(1)
RNA Metropolis65on hold
Crescent Bay A64under construction
Omkar Alta Monte Tower C63built2017
Four Seasons Serviced Apartments48proposed
Lodha Venezia Tower B68under construction(1)
Lodha Venezia A68built2018(1)
Orchid Enclave56built2017(2)
Lodha Bellissimo53built2011(1)
Oberoi Skycity Tower E67under construction(1)
Oberoi Skycity Tower D67under construction(1)
Oberoi Skycity Tower C67under construction(1)
Oberoi Skycity Tower B67under construction(1)
Oberoi Skycity Tower A67under construction(1)
Orbit Terraces60under construction
Omkar Alta Monte Tower B58under construction
Discovery Offices40cancelled
Kohinoor Square Tower 151built2015
Oberoi Enigma 269under construction
Oberoi Enigma 169under construction
Kalpataru Avana52under construction
Orchid Heights Tower B49under construction(1)
Oberoi Eternia 270under construction
Oberoi Eternia 170under construction
Alpine [2]63under construction
Alpine [1]63under construction
Monte South [2]60under construction
Monte South [1]60under construction
Crescent Bay B51under construction
Indiabulls Sky48built2016
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