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Torre Longanesi B20built
Torre Longanesi A20built
Torro Gonin 119built
Torre Gonin 219built
Palazzo Ariberto19built(1)
Michelangelo Hotel19built
Torre Gratosoglio 818built1963(1)
Torre Gratosoglio 718built1963(1)
Torre Gratosoglio 618built1963(1)
Torre Gratosoglio 518built1963(1)
Torre Gratosoglio 418built1963(1)
Torre Gratosoglio 318built1963(1)
Torre Gratosoglio 218built1963(1)
Torre Gratosoglio 118built1963(1)
Torre Alleanza18built(1)
Antonini 3216built2010
Torre Snia15built1937(1)
Torre Wind15built
Torre Infostrada 215built(1)
Torre Infostrada 115built
Torre Geotronics15built
Via G.B. Pirelli 1918built
Torre Via Marzabotto18built2004
Via Della Pila 619built
Palazzo Matteotti17built
Palazzo Montecatini13built1938
Via Ceva 318built
Via Ceva 218built
Via Ceva 118built
Via Sante Sofia 1417built
Via Sante Sofia 1217built
Via Sante Sofia 1017built
52 Greenway16under construction
Torre Stella 115built2009
Torre ex OM 116built2005
Torre Area ex Loro Parisini 316built2006
Torre Area ex Loro Parisini 216built2006
Torre Area ex Loro Parisini 116built2006
Torre Senigallia 516built
Torre Senigallia 416built
Torre Senigallia 316built
Torre Senigallia 216built
Torre Senigallia 116built
Centro Direzionale FieraMilano13built2011
Torre Edison Clerici13under construction
Torre Stella 213built2009
Gemini Center 412built1995(1)
Torre Edilizia Libera Portello 313built2008
Torre Edilizia Libera Portello 213built2008
Torre Edilizia Libera Portello 113built2008
Torre Edilizia Convenzionata Portello 213built2008
Torre Edilizia Convenzionata Portello 113built2008
Torre Cooperativa FILCA 213under construction
Torre Cooperativa FILCA 113under construction
Residenza Castelvetro13under construction
Torre Stella 311built2009
Gemini Center 310built1995(1)
Torre CERBA25proposed(1)
Torre ex OM 216built2005
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