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Allianz Tower50built2015(3)
Porta Nuova Garibaldi Towers A B C34built2011(2)
Generali Tower44built2018(4)
Il Curvo34under construction(3)
Palazzo Lombardia40built2011(2)
Torre Residenziale45proposed
Nuovo Campus Bocconi36proposed
Torre Duilio Citylifeproposed(1)
22 Melchiorre Gioiaproposed
Pirelli Tower32built1958(4)
Torre Garibaldi 226built1992(2)
Torre Garibaldi 126built1989(2)
UnipolSai Tower23under construction
Torre Breda30built1954(3)
Bosco Verticale - Torre E24built2014(2)
Galfa Building28built1956(4)
Torre Velasca26built1958(1)
Solaria II22built2013(1)
Gemini Center 221built1995(1)
Gemini Center 121built1995(1)
Gilli Hotel26on hold(1)
Torre Delle Arti26on hold(1)
Giax Tower25built2015(1)
Servizi Tecnici Comunali24built1963(2)
Boscolo Hotel B419built2011(1)
Torre di Porta Romana25built1965(1)
Daimler Tower24built2017
Torre Baggio 419built(1)
Torre Baggio 319built(1)
Torre Baggio 219built(1)
Torre Baggio 119built(1)
Torre del Parco22built1955(1)
Centro Svizzero21built1951(1)
World Jewellery Center20built2008(1)
Torre via Mascagni18built(1)
Bosco Verticale - Torre D17built2014(2)
Torre Dacia23built2010
Torre di Adriano23built2008(1)
Piazza Della Repubblica 723built(1)
Piazza Della Repubblica 223built
Settimo Cielo20built2004(1)
Torre Antalya23built2010(1)
Torre Magnolia20built(1)
NH Hotels - Tower II18built2008(1)
NH Hotels - Tower I18built2008(2)
Milano Porta Sud18proposed(1)
Grattacielo della Previdenza Sociale (INPS)22built
Via Bonnet 1121built(1)
Palazzo Locatelli18built
Torre Bruzzano 618built
Torre Bruzzano 518built
Torre Bruzzano 418built
Torre Bruzzano 318built
Torre Bruzzano 218built
Torre Bruzzano 118built
Torre Naviglio Grande 416built1991(1)
Torre Naviglio Grande 316built1991(1)
Torre Naviglio Grande 216built1991(1)
Torre Naviglio Grande 116built1991(1)
Torre i919built2010(1)
Torre i819built2010(1)
Grattacielo Paradiso21built(1)
Via Fara 25 Torre 220built
UNA Hotel20built(1)
Torre Farini20built(1)
Largo Quinto Alpini 1520built(1)
Largo Quinto Alpini 1320built(1)
Terrazza Martini17built(1)
Palazzo INA19built1958
Torre via Scheiwiller 420built
Torre via Scheiwiller 320built
Torre via Scheiwiller 220built
Torre via Scheiwiller 120built
Torre Trianto20built(1)
Torre Biancamano20built(1)
Siemens Italia HQ14under construction
Vodafone Village13built
Corso Sempione 4120built(1)
Via Melchiorre Gioia 2218built
Viale Fulvio Testi 18220built
Viale Fulvio Testi 18020built
Via Paolo Trubetskoy 619built
Via Paolo Trubetskoy 419built
Via Paolo Trubetskoy 219built
Via Don Rodrigo, 619built
Torre Martesana19built
Residenze San Siro 219built
Residenze San Siro 119built
Torre Longanesi B20built
Torre Longanesi A20built
Torro Gonin 119built
Torre Gonin 219built
Palazzo Ariberto19built(1)
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