By change approved on apr of 2016 by the federal senate & congress, the Federal District (the place where the Mexico city is) takes the name of their inner city, the new state called Ciudad de México includes their 16 delegations who takes the form of mayors, this new state is not the same of the other named Mexico (with capital city Toluca), the city still named Mexico ( means in the middle of the moon lake ).

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Secretaria de Economia Torre Ejecutiva27destroyed(3)
Reforma 50626destroyed(1)
La Mariscala21destroyed(1)
Torre Tecpan 224destroyed(4)
Torre Tecpan24destroyed(4)
Torre Oaxaca24destroyed(4)
Torre Atizapan24destroyed(4)
Torre 20 de Noviembre24destroyed(4)
Conjunto Pino Suarez23destroyed(1)
Edificio Recursos Hidraulicos21destroyed(1)
Reforma 4520destroyed(1)
Hotel Bamer20destroyed(1)
Edificio Corcuera20destroyed(1)
Edificio Internacional de Capitalizacion18destroyed(1)
Reforma 7619destroyed(1)
Banco de Industria y Comercio19destroyed
Edificio Comision Federal de Electricidad15destroyed(1)
Melchor Ocampo 47920destroyed(4)
Insurgentes 20416destroyed(1)
Arcos de Belen 5815destroyed
Cine Teatro El Roble14destroyed(1)
Suites Tecalli18destroyed(1)
Hotel Continental Hilton16destroyed(1)
Edificio Nuevo Leon16destroyed(3)
Edificio Guelatao16destroyed(2)
Edificio Churubusco16destroyed(2)
Edificio Jena15destroyed(1)
Torre Manacar16destroyed(1)
Torre Bucareli16destroyed
Edificio Bush16destroyed
Edificio Atlas14destroyed
Edificio de Oficinas Cine Paseo15destroyed(1)
Reforma 50915destroyed(2)
Bonos del Ahorro Nacional15destroyed(1)
Casa Latinoamericana14destroyed(1)
Hotel Alameda17destroyed
Paseo de la Reforma 45914destroyed
Paseo de la Reforma 4214destroyed
Edificio San Santiago15destroyed
Morelos 11014destroyed(1)
Edificio Aztlan13destroyed
Edificio Osa Mayor16destroyed
Edificio Centauro16destroyed
Justicia Civil13destroyed
Torre Musart13destroyed
Edificio San Antonio13destroyed(1)
Edificio San Juan12destroyed
Corporativo Nestle11destroyed
Morelos 10415destroyed
Melchor Ocampo 48114destroyed
Hotel Del Prado11destroyed