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By change approved on apr of 2016 by the federal senate & congress, the Federal District (the place where the Mexico city is) takes the name of their inner city, the new state called Ciudad de México includes their 16 delegations who takes the form of mayors, this new state is not the same of the other named Mexico (with capital city Toluca), the city still named Mexico ( means in the middle of the moon lake ).

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Listing 1 to 95 of 95 buildings
Mitikah Torre Residencial68under construction(4)
Reforma 43270under construction(1)
Chapultepec Uno57under construction(5)
Impera Reforma47under construction(2)
Peninsula Santa Fe Torre Paradox62under construction(3)
Elite Residences Torre Bora55under construction(1)
Peninsula Santa Fe T 30053under construction(2)
Elite Residences44under construction(3)
Be Grand Reforma50under construction(1)
Miyana43under construction(2)
Mitikah Torre M37under construction(1)
Hotel Sofitel Mexico Reforma41under construction(1)
Elite Residences Espacio Condesa37under construction
Residencial Agwa Bosques Torre 245under construction(1)
Residencial Agwa Bosques Torre 145under construction(1)
Marsala Santa Fe Fase 144under construction(1)
Torre Manacar29under construction(1)
Residencial Vidalta Torre Lux42under construction
Santa Fe36under construction
Artz Pedregal35under construction
Polarea Fase 7 Torre Ginebra36under construction
Polarea Fase 6 Torre Viena36under construction
Aleph San Angel30under construction
Be Grand Alto Polanco IV36under construction
Be Grand Alto Polanco III36under construction
Be Grand Alto Polanco II36under construction(1)
Icon San Angel35under construction
Corporativo Jaime Nuno31under construction
We Santa Fe Skyhomes 232under construction
We Santa Fe Skyhomes 132under construction
Insurgentes 92924under construction
Be Grand Alto Pedregal32under construction
Latitud Polanco22under construction
Secretaria de Economia30under construction
High Park Sur Residences A34under construction
Secretaria de Economia29under construction
Periferico 18030under construction
Ruben Dario 22531under construction
Atlamaya Art Residences30under construction
Mitikah Torre C25under construction
Alta Vida Pedregal30under construction
Corporativo Carracci25under construction
Torre Vasco de Quiroga23under construction
Elite Residences Coyoacan27under construction
Centro Insurgentes Reforma20under construction
One Park Residential + Retail24under construction
Marina Park III24under construction
Marina Park II24under construction
Patriotismo 23024under construction
Peninsula Desierto de los Leones A23under construction
Corporativo Corner Santa Fe20under construction
Joy Santa Fe22under construction
Cumbres de Santa Fe Etapa 322under construction
Carso Periferico Torre Oficinas20under construction
Residencial Vidalta Torre Miralta22under construction
Desarrollo Enquentro25under construction
Torre F Parque Reforma en Cumbres Santa Fe24under construction
Centro Jardines del Pedregal21under construction
Centro Alpes21under construction
Marina 38524under construction
Carso Periferico Torre Departamentos24under construction
Insurgentes 70016under construction
City Towers Green24under construction
Stampa Residencial Torre B23under construction
Unico21under construction
Joy Bosques23under construction
Inclusiv Torre D23under construction
Inclusiv Torre C23under construction
Inclusiv Torre B23under construction
Inclusiv Torre A23under construction
Hir Residencial San Angel Torre 323under construction
Hir Residencial San Angel Torre 223under construction
Hir Residencial San Angel Torre 123under construction
Torre Salto del Agua17under construction
Parques Plaza Torre C22under construction
Oasis Residencial Azcapozalco Torre A421under construction
Maranta Bosques Torre II21under construction(1)
Conjunto IBM18under construction
Alpes Corporativo16under construction
The Point16under construction
Enska Azcapotzalco A y B20under construction
City Towers Xoco22under construction
Vita Park Residencial 318under construction
Chapultepec 36013under construction
Torre Central15under construction
Alcazar San Isidro C16under construction
Parques Plaza Torre B14under construction
Parques Plaza Torre A14under construction
Taman Condesa16under construction
Espacio San Isidro 217under construction
Espacio San Isidro 116under construction
Quiero Casa Jade14under construction
Parques Plaza Torre D14under construction
Oasis Residencial Azcapozalco Torre B213under construction
Ferrocarril Hidalgo Residencial12under construction