By change approved on apr of 2016 by the federal senate & congress, the Federal District (the place where the Mexico city is) takes the name of their inner city, the new state called Ciudad de México includes their 16 delegations who takes the form of mayors, this new state is not the same of the other named Mexico (with capital city Toluca), the city still named Mexico ( means in the middle of the moon lake ).

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Homero 181814built
Homero 140514built
Grand San Antonio Abad 6614built2016
Edificio 30 UH Coplico14built(1)
Edificio 22 UH Copilco14built(1)
Edificio 21 UH Copilco14built(1)
Edificio 2 UH Copilco14built(1)
Dante 1414built(1)
Cumbres Reforma Torre C14built
Cumbres Reforma Torre B14built
Cumbres Reforma Torre A14built
Bioestilo Condesa14built2009
Torre Monterrey13built
Torre de Especialidades Medicas13built
Torre de Departamentos Arquimedes13built2014
Torre de Chimalistac H13built
Torre de Chimalistac G13built
Torre de Chimalistac F13built
Torre de Chimalistac E13built
Torre de Chimalistac D13built
Torre de Chimalistac C13built
Torre de Chimalistac B13built
Torre de Chimalistac A13built
Sierra Vertientes 34913built
Selecta Grand Popocatepetl13built2010
San Juan de Dios 5013built
San Borja 3013built
Rio Mixcoac 6613built
Residencial Vidalta Edificio Privalta V, V...13built2009
Quality Inn Lindavista13built
Puerta del Pedregal Torre D13built
Puerta del Pedregal Torre C13built
Puerta del Pedregal Torre B13built
Puerta del Pedregal Torre A13built
Porfirio Diaz 10213built
Oasis Residencial Azcapozalco Torre B313built2015
Martin Mendalde 178313built
Marroqui Centro Historico13built2008
Izazaga 3813built
Insurgentes Sur 57613built
Homero 193313built
Haus Pedregal13built2011
Edificio Virgo13built
Edificio Tauro13built
Edificio Sagitario13built
Edificio Piscis13built
Edificio Libra13built
Edificio Leo13built
Edificio Escorpio13built
Edificio Capricornio13built
Edificio Aries13built
Edificio Acuario13built
Edificio 17 UH Copilco13built(1)
Dante 2013built
Centro Urbano Presidente Aleman Torre 113built1949
Cadiz 513built
Arts Suites and Lofts13built2010
Amores 176413built
Alba 3913built
Torre Altamira12built2006
Tepepan 2812built
Periferico Sur 334012built
Periferico Sur 307612built
Ocaso 5012built
Icono Polanco12built2007
Edificio Palmas12built1975
Edificio Iris12built
Avena 63012built1970
Torre Sanborns Palmas11built2017
San Jeronimo 55010built
Fondo de Cultura Economica10built1992
Anexo Guardiola10built
Hospital General Dr. Gonzalo Castañeda IS...9built1972
Edificio Anexo de la Suprema Corte de Just...9built1997
Torre Sevilla10built2003(1)
Hospital General Regional IMSS 259built
Edificio Queretaro8built1962(2)
Edificio Guanajuato8built1962(2)
Edificio 2 de Abril8built1962(2)
Edificio 15 de Septiembre8built1962(2)
Edificio Niños Heroes8built1962(2)
Monumento a la Raza5built1941
Palacio Legislativo5built1984
National Auditoriumbuilt1952
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