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By change approved on apr of 2016 by the federal senate & congress, the Federal District (the place where the Mexico city is) takes the name of their inner city, the new state called Ciudad de México includes their 16 delegations who takes the form of mayors, this new state should not be confused with the other state named Mexico (with capital city Toluca), the city still named Mexico.

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Listing 701 to 800 of 1174 buildings
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Porta Tlalpan II19built2011
Porta Tlalpan19built2009
Sierra Vertientes 31518built
La Jolla Torre A18built
Armoni House18built2009
Be Grand Lomas Torre D17built2016
Hotel St Isidro Corporate House16built2009
Edificio Nuevo Leon16destroyed(3)
Edificio Guelatao16destroyed(2)
Edificio Churubusco16destroyed(2)
Cervantes Saavedra 23316built2016
Corporativo MCS15built2012
Condominio Hegel 41815built
Residencial Club de Golf Bosques Torre B1 ...15built(1)
Loma del Bosque 219built
Loma del Bosque 119built
City Towers Coyoacan II17built2014
City Towers Coyoacan17built2012
Plateros 11016built
Fray Servando 27716built
Edificio Moncayo16built
Sede de Comision Reguladora de Energia15built2016
Residencial Club de Golf Bosques Torre C215built2006(1)
Residencial Club de Golf Bosques Torre A5 ...15built(1)
Residencial Club de Golf Bosques Torre A4 ...15built(1)
Residencial Club de Golf Bosques Torre A1 ...15built(1)
Edificio Jena15destroyed(1)
Marquis Reforma Hotel & Spa13built1991(1)
San Francisco 65120built
Homero 1837A20built
Homero 1837B19built
Nilo 5518built
Jaime Balmes 7218built
Jaime Balmes 6818built
Jaime Balmes 6218built
Homero 30117built
Coyoacan 187817built
Torre Manacar16destroyed(1)
Torre Jade16built(1)
Torre Bucareli16destroyed
Residencial Tamarindos16built2007
Liverpool 3916built(1)
Bosque de Ciruelos 18016built
Rio Mississippi 7115built
Juarez 10415built(1)
Corporativo Heldan15built1972
Torre Canoa14built1981(1)
Hotel Ramada Reforma14built(1)
Arcos de Belen 7913built
Corporativo Terracota12built2011
Portika Polanco Puerta del Mar17built2007(1)
Portika Polanco Puerta de Alcala17built2008(1)
Umbral Polanco18built2008
Niza 7317built
La Jolla Torre C17built
La Jolla Torre B17built
Insurgentes 85317built
Condominio Leones17built(1)
Torre Alba16built2011
Habitum Lomas16built2008
Edificio Versalles16built
Edificio Orly16built
Edificio D Avignon16built
Edificio Bush16destroyed
Torre Prisma15built
Torre de Humanidades II15built1952(1)
Hotel Galeria Plaza15built(2)
Tribunal Federal de Justicia Fiscal y Admi...14built
Senado de la Republica14built2010(1)
Reforma 36914built1955
Reforma 36814built1959
Edificio La Nacional13built1932(3)
SEMARNAT Revolucion12built1968(1)
Parroquia del Purisimo Corazon de Mariabuilt1954
Torre 28 FOVISSTE Culhuacan17built1976(3)
Torre 26 FOVISSTE Culhuacan17built1976(3)
Torre 24 FOVISSTE Culhuacan17built1976(3)
Torre 23 FOVISSTE Culhuacan17built1976(3)
Torre 21T FOVISSTE Culhuacan17built(3)
Torre 21F FOVISSTE Culhuacan17built1976(3)
Torre 20 FOVISSTE Culhuacan17built1976(3)
Torre 17 FOVISSTE Culhuacan17built1976(3)
Azul Residencial19built2007
Altezza San Angel 218built2015
Altezza San Angel 118built2015
Sens Torre Soft17built2011
Sens Torre Mild17built2013
Sens Torre Ease17built2016
San Angel by Agatha15proposed
Hotel Fontan Mexico14built1964
Hospital Español Complejo Medico12built2010
Residencial Club de Golf Bosques Torre A3 ...14built(1)
Residencial Club de Golf Bosques Torre A2 ...14built(1)
Vita Park Residencial 318under construction
Vita Park Residencial 218built2015
Vita Park Residencial 118built2015
Condominio Alto Bosques17built
Panorama San Angel16proposed
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