By change approved on apr of 2016 by the federal senate & congress, the Federal District (the place where the Mexico city is) takes the name of their inner city, the new state called Ciudad de México includes their 16 delegations who takes the form of mayors, this new state is not the same of the other named Mexico (with capital city Toluca), the city still named Mexico ( means in the middle of the moon lake ).

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Hotel Radisson Paraiso Pedregal13built
Hotel Benidorm13built
Bosque de Ciruelos 18613built
Parques Polanco Edificio Higuera y Sanchez 112built2008
Hospital Central del Sur PEMEX11built(1)
Salamanca 5217built
Quiero Casa Marsella Coyoacan17built2016
Reforma 40316built
Niza 7716built(1)
Hotel City Express EBC Reforma15built
Durango 26315built
Valentina Roomate Hotels14built
Urban Flats Las Flores14built
Insurgentes Sur 137714built(1)
Embajada de Francia14built
Bosque de Duraznos 6514built
Bosque de Ciruelos 19414built
Bosque de Ciruelos 19014built
Bosque de Ciruelos 16814built
Bosque de Ciruelos 14014built
Be Grand Coyoacan Torre B14built2015
Be Grand Coyoacan Torre A14built2016
Amberes 3314built
Bosque de Ciruelos 13013built
Auditoria Superior de la Federacion13built2016
Edificio Mier y Pesado14built1933
Edificio Miguel E. Abed14built1940(1)
Homero 180418built
Horacio 182517built
Espacio San Isidro 217built2016
Residencial Soleil Torres AB16built2009
Residencial Soleil Torre C16built2009
L'Atelier Santa Fe II16built2005
L'Atelier Santa Fe I16built2005
Horizontes Moliere16built2009
Andromaco 61 Torre B16built2014
Alpes Residencial16built2017
Tres Lagos Santa Maria Torre Genova15built2013(1)
Plateros 7615built
Nueva York 12015built
Condominio Durango 24515built
Mariano Escobedo 74814built(1)
Corporativo Corum14built2000(1)
Corporativo Coca Cola13built1995(1)
Insurgentes Sur 3579 Torre 312built1992(1)
Insurgentes Sur 3579 Torre 212built1997(1)
Insurgentes Sur 3579 Torre 112built2000(1)
Diamante Toreo12built2016
Insurgentes Sur 187716built
Insurgentes 191516built
Edificio Pegaso16built1969
Edificio Orion16built1969
Edificio Andromeda16built1969
20 de Noviembre 27516built
Parques Polanco Edificio Norten 314built2008
Krystal Grand Suites14built
Airea Byron14built2010
Airea Arquimedes14built2009
Torre Picasso13built1994
Radisson Hotel Flamingos13built1983
Insurgentes Sur 173513built1983
Consejo de la Judicatura del Distrito Federal13built
Tres Lagos Santa Maria Torre Bilbao14built2008(1)
Ocaso 1115built
Hotel del Angel16built(1)
Amores 187416built
Paseo de la Reforma 32615built2016
Hotel Sybharis15built
Chapultepec 59615built
La Campiña I14built2006
Punta Santa Fe Torre B13built
Plaza Chilpancingo13built
Dakota 9513built2011
Bosque de Duraznos 6113built
Corporativo Helmer12built1974
Vista San Angel16built2017
San Angel Modern Living16built2017
Espacio San Isidro 116built2016
Residencial Varsovia 2215built
Residencial Lomas I15built1998
Residencial Atalaya Bosques 215built
Residencial Atalaya Bosques 115built
Parque San Antonio Torre VIII15built2012
Parque San Antonio Torre VI15built2012
Olloqui 12515built
Olloqui 11915built
Olloqui 11315built
Olloqui 10715built
Hotel El Ejecutivo15built
Hotel Casablanca15built1964
Hotel Casa Inn15built1973
Edificio Venezuela15built(2)
Edificio Mexico15built(2)
Andromaco 61 Torre A15built2014
Abetos Cientouno15built2005
Tres Lagos Santa Maria Torre Estocolmo14built2010(1)
SeTraVi Obregón14built
Romanza Residencial Torre 114built1999
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