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By change approved on apr of 2016 by the federal senate & congress, the Federal District (the place where the Mexico city is) takes the name of their inner city, the new state called Ciudad de México includes their 16 delegations who takes the form of mayors, this new state should not be confused with the other state named Mexico (with capital city Toluca), the city still named Mexico.

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Masaryk 2919built
Edificio Jaysour19built1964(1)
Dos Vistas Torre E19built2005
Dos Vistas Torre D19built2004
Dos Vistas Torre B19built2004
Condominio Plaza Perdregal Princes Torre E19built1984(3)
Secretaria de Seguridad Publica del DF18built(1)
Horacio 173518built2015
Edificio Internacional de Capitalizacion18destroyed(1)
Samara Santa Fe17built2011
NH Mexico City17built1981
Fiesta Inn Santa Fe17built2006
Condominio Insurgentes17built1958(1)
Hospital Regional Ignacio Zaragoza ISSSTE16built
Puerta Polanco VI15cancelled
Hares Deptos Club & Plaza III22built2009
Rio Elba 2021built(1)
Puerta Reforma Residencial23cancelled
Residencial Carrimon22built
Vasconcelos 8020built2016
Reforma 7619destroyed(1)
Hamburgo 21319built(1)
Altuz San Angel Torre A19built2015
Haus Guadalupe Inn18built2009
Alvaro Obregon 15118built
Torres Pedregal del Lago22built1984
Qbicoo Santa Fe21built2017
Domminium Tower21built2016
Campos Eliseos 23121built
Mediterranea 2 Santorino20built2009
Residencial Palomas19built1999
Reforma 19519built1964(1)
Paseo de los Tamarindos 12019built
Juan Salvador Agraz 7319built2014
Banco de Industria y Comercio19destroyed
Corporativo IS-143118built2016
Edificio Marques17built1991(1)
Corporativo Universidad17built2001(1)
Corporativo Condesa16built2016
Edificio Comision Federal de Electricidad15destroyed(1)
Tres Lagos Santa Maria Torre Praga21built2016
Tres Lagos Santa Maria Torre Oxford21built2016
Tres Lagos Santa Maria Torre Napoles21built2016
Tres Lagos Santa Maria Torre Marsella21built2016
Tres Lagos Santa Maria Torre Luxemburgo21built2014(1)
Tres Lagos Santa Maria Torre Kiev21built2014(1)
Tres Lagos Santa Maria Torre Jerez21built2014(1)
Tres Lagos Santa Maria Torre Intertaken21built2014(1)
Tres Lagos Santa Maria Torre Cambridge21built2008(1)
Tres Lagos Santa Maria Torre Florencia21built2013(1)
Tres Lagos Santa Maria Torre Dubai21built2011(1)
Privada del Bosque II19built2004(1)
Privada del Bosque I19built2003(1)
Porfirio Diaz 6919built
Blum Residencial Santa Fe19built2017
Alerces Torre I19built2007
Monumento a la Revolucion1built1938(2)
Sendero Santa Fe Torre A22built2012
Isola Infinito Torre D20built2010
Isola Infinito Torre C20built2009
Isola Infinito Torre B20built2009
Isola Infinito Torre A20built2009
Residencial Veramonte19built
Punto Polanco19built2015
Melchor Ocampo 47918built(4)
Insurgentes Sur 156118built(2)
El Greco18built(1)
Real del Bosque Torre 220built1999
Real del Bosque Torre 120built1999
Parque Jardin 223built2015
Parque Jardin 123built2015
Parques Polanco Torre Parques20built2014
El Moro20built1946(3)
Condominio Bosques Reforma Torre San Remo20built1982
Condominio Bosques Reforma Torre Montecarlo20built1982
Portika Polanco Magna Norte y Sur19built2007(1)
Metrobuildings Lago Alberto19built2012
Citera Polanco19cancelled
Torre Cibeles18built
Altuz San Angel Torre C18built2015
Torre Salto del Agua17cancelled(1)
Torre Salto del Agua17under construction
Torre Pedregal 117built1995
Hotel Doral17built1975
Edificio Buenavista ISSSTE17built1970(1)
Torre Hospital Angeles16built2004(2)
Plaza Inn16built1985
Plaza del Parque16built
Parques Polanco Edificio KMD II16built2008
Mexico Mart16built1974
Insurgentes 20416destroyed(1)
Holiday Inn Express16built1957(1)
Fiesta Inn Periferico Sur16built(3)
Arcos de Belen 1016built(1)
Torre Obelisco15built(1)
Torre Ejecutiva IMP15built(1)
Hospital de Especialidades Dr. Antonio Fra...13built1972(1)
Corporativo San Angel13built2008
Mariano Escobedo 75420built(1)
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