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By change approved on apr of 2016 by the federal senate & congress, the Federal District (the place where the Mexico city is) takes the name of their inner city, the new state called Ciudad de México includes their 16 delegations who takes the form of mayors, this new state is not the same of the other named Mexico (with capital city Toluca), the city still named Mexico ( means in the middle of the moon lake ).

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Parques Polanco Edificio Edmonds II26built2010(1)
Parques Polanco Edificio Edmonds I26built2009(1)
Lopez Mateos 196026built2016
Reforma Laureles Sauce25built2003(2)
Reforma Laureles Magnolia25built2002(2)
Reforma Laureles Laurel25built2002(2)
Reforma Laureles Jacaranda25built2003(2)
Mitikah Torre C25under construction
Reforma Lomas Altas22built1995(2)
Torre Vistral20built2014
Torre Negra28built1980(2)
Torre Optima25built(1)
Plaza Scotiabank23built1976(2)
Alta Vida Pedregal30under construction
Homero 21328built(1)
Corporativo Carracci25under construction
Torre Vasco de Quiroga23under construction
Downtown Santa fe22built2017
Elite Residences Coyoacan27under construction
Espacio Santa Fe25built(1)
Edificio Eclipse24built1996(1)
Telmex Universidad25built(1)
Centro Insurgentes Reforma20under construction
Periferico 410028proposed
Torre Murano27built2008(1)
Neuchatel Cuadrante Polanco Torre 1B26proposed
Neuchatel Cuadrante Polanco Torre 1A26proposed
Homero 150725built
Edificio Reforma 30025built1972(3)
Edificio Omega23built1980(2)
Edificio Citibank23built1980(1)
Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco22built1966(3)
Plaza Carso Torre Citi Market21built2014
Plaza Carso Torre Frisco/Zurich20built2010(3)
Corporativo Kansas20built2014
Torre Metropol18built2006(1)
Marsala Santa Fe Fase 226proposed
Torre Condumex25proposed
Torre Contigo24built1946(5)
Tribunal Superior de Justicia del Distrito...21built2005(1)
Torre del Angel21built2000(1)
Torre Jumex22built2013(2)
Corporativo Parque Reforma25built1985(2)
Corporativo Napoles19built2008(1)
Torre Hemicor25built(1)
Infiniti Santa Fe Torre II25built2010
Torre Zacatecas24built1962(4)
Torre Veracruz24built1962(4)
Torre Revolucion de 191024built1962(4)
Torre Cuauhtemoc24built1962(4)
Torre Coahuila24built1962(4)
Torre Chamizal24built1962(4)
Torre 5 de Febrero24built1962(4)
One Park Residential + Retail24under construction
Edificio Knoll23built(6)
Marina Park III24under construction
Marina Park II24under construction
Marina Park I24built2014
Terret Polanco Sur19built2013
Terret Polanco Norte18built2014
Patriotismo 23024under construction
Fiesta Americana Grand Chapultepec Mexico24built1980(2)
Infiniti Santa Fe Torre IV23built2014
Horacio 182023built(1)
Emilio Castelar 6123built
Condominio Tamaulipas23built
Torre Siglum22built2000(2)
Parque Insurgentes22built2000(1)
Bosque Alto Residencial Torre Sur21built2008
Reforma 9920built(1)
Hotel Sevilla Palace20built(1)
Portofino Torre 124built2005(1)
Sommos Contadero B24proposed
Sommos Contadero A24proposed
Alerces Torre II24built2007
Torre Indigo23built(2)
Ruben Dario 25323built(1)
Polarea Fase 1 Torre Oslo23built2014
Plaza Carso Torre Pissarro23built2014
Plaza Carso Torre Monet23built2013
Plaza Carso Torre Dali23built2010(2)
Campos Eliseos 23823built(1)
Sky Offices Santa Fe22proposed
Torre Palmas21built(1)
Metrobuildings Mitikah25built2012(1)
Citta San Jeronimo Fase I25built2013
Ruben Dario 4524built(1)
Insurgentes Sur 121722proposed
Reforma 38316built(1)
Central Park Santa Fe Residences25proposed
Torre Etre23proposed
Reforma 17523built1982(2)
Reforma 16423built(1)
Andres Bello 923built
Torre Pedregal 222built1999(3)
Reforma 19922built(1)
Barcelo Mexico Reforma21built1987(2)
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