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Country Towers Terra31built2015(1)
Country Towers Aqua31built2014(1)
Hyatt Regency Merida19built1993(2)
Torre Banamex I12built1994(1)
San Angelo 08 Torre II15built2014
San Angelo 08 Torre I15built2013
El Castellano12built1975(1)
Buyan Apartments14under construction
Magnia Corporate Center11built
Torre Onze Lofts & Apartments14built
Hotel Nacional Merida12built1950(1)
Torre Central de Telmex10built
Hospital Star Medica Merida11built2005(1)
Cenit Professional Center11built2014
Hotel El Conquistador10built1983(1)
Museo Maya de Merida6built2012
Teatro Peon Contreras6built1908