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Sanderson Court13built(1)
Saltford Court13built(1)
Royce Court13built(1)
Rodney Court13built(1)
Roach Court13built(1)
Queensbury Court13built(1)
Platt Court13built(1)
Oldham Court13built(1)
Newtown Court13built(1)
Naylor Court13built(1)
Moss Brook Court13built(1)
Ledburn Court13built(1)
Landos Court13built(1)
Kingsbridge Court13built(1)
Humphries Court13built(1)
Hulme Court13built(1)
Hornchurch Court13built(1)
Hayden Court13built(1)
Gunson Court13built(1)
Duffield Court13built(1)
Dalton Court13built(1)
Chippenham Court13built(1)
Butler Court13built(1)
Bucknell Court13built(1)
Bradford Court13built(1)
Princess Street Apartments12built2005
Green Building12built2004(1)
Melia House10built2004(1)
Masson Place10built2006
Barton Place10built2006
St. George's Island, Block 212built2006(1)
Issa Quay12built2011
Wilton Court12built(1)
Tameside Court12built(1)
Sandyhill Court12built(1)
Heaton Court12built(1)
Cundiff Court12built
Blackley Court12built(1)
Ashenhurst Court12built(1)
Six Piccadilly Place11built2008
Edge D12built2005
No. 1 Spinningfields Square9built2004
London Warehouse7built1865(1)
Brittania Hotel6built1856
Great Northern Warehouse5built1899
Chorlton Park5built2002
Manchester Central Library4built1934(1)
The G-MEX Centrebuilt1880(1)
Manchester Town Hallbuilt1877(1)
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