On April 1st 1965 the London Government Act 1963 came into force. This greatly extended the boundaries of London and created thirty-two Boroughs to make up the administrative unit of Greater London.

In the SkyscraperPage database, London includes all of the 32 boroughs plus the City of London.

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Cutlers Gardens11built1982
100 Cheapside10built2014
Woolgate Exchange9built2000
31-59 Victoria Street10built1987
1 Eversholt Street10built1980(1)
SG House9built1987
150 Cheapside9built2008
Twenty Gresham Street9built2008
The London Coliseum5built1904
Chancellors Court14built1961
Babington Court14built1961
New Brook Buildings12built1961
Oswell House13built1965
St. Mary's Tower13built1959
Peabody Tower13built1959
Queen Square House12built1978
90 Long Acre12built1982
Travelodge London Covent Garden11built
Princess House11built
Ibex House10built1937
No.5 Strand9built1982
Carrack House14built1971(1)
One Stratford Place12built2011
Centurion Tower12built2014
222-236 Gray's Inn Road12built
Premier Place9built2000
Wotton Court12built
Ibis London ExCel10built2004
Lanterns Court Building A10built2011
67 Lombard Street8built1932
One Coleman Street9built2007
One Wood Street8built2007
Anne Bryans House14built
Wyfold House13built(1)
Trewsbury House13built(1)
Trefoil House13built(1)
Timothy House13built(1)
Tilehurst Point13built(1)
Radley House13built(1)
Penton House13built(1)
Osney House13built(1)
Oakenholt House13built(1)
Muscovy House13built(1)
Masham House13built(1)
Maplin House13built(1)
Jacob House13built(1)
Hibernia Point13built(1)
Harlequin House13built(1)
Duxford House13built(1)
Dexter House13built(1)
Cranbrook House13built1962(1)
Cobham House13built1962(1)
Clydesdale House13built(1)
Clewer House13built(1)
Canterbury House13built1962(1)
Blewbury House13built(1)
Argali House13built(1)
Travelodge London Stratford11built
Faraday Building11built1933
Selborne House10built
Kingsgate House10built
75 York Road12built1957
The Banking Hall10built2014
Cottons Centre9built1986
Whitehall Court11built1884
Urbanest Tower Bridge11built2012
The Royal Horseguards Hotel11built1884(1)
The Courthouse Apartments11built2014
6-7 Harbour Exchange Square11built1989
Radisson Edwardian Hotel9built2007
Telehouse North7built
St Clements Building Extension11built1970
Semley House11built1969
DnB NOR8built
Mullen Towers11built1964
Grange Hotel Holborn11built1954
Poland House10built1966
The Edge12built2010
65 Holborn Viaduct11built1960
55 Strand9built
Wyclif Court12built1957
Sapperton Court12built1959
Parmoor Court12built1959
Langdon House12built1965
Lambeth Towers12built1968
Helen Gladstone House12built1965
Emberton Court12built1957
Cotswold Court12built1959
Brunswick Court12built1957
The Skyline Plaza Building11built
Finsbury Court9built1999
62-63 Threadneedle Street8built
Central Criminal Court South Block9built1972
190 Strand9built2017
40 Holborn Viaduct13built2008
Barrington Court11built2009
Holborn Centre10built1981
One Old Jewry9built2008
40 Gracechurch Street9built2010
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