On April 1st 1965 the London Government Act 1963 came into force. This greatly extended the boundaries of London and created thirty-two Boroughs to make up the administrative unit of Greater London.

In the SkyscraperPage database, London includes all of the 32 boroughs plus the City of London.

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High Holborn Residence14built1995
Metropole Building10built1885
140 Leadenhall Street7built1931
No.1 Neathouse Place12built1962
London Marriott Hotel Marble Arch12built
Becket House12built1974
8-9 Harbour Exchange Square10built
Fourteen Cornhill10built2008
Wharfside Point North13built2008
St. Catherine's House10built
No.1 Kingsway10built1920
Friendly House10built1980
1 Fenchurch Avenue11built2007
The Oaks15built1967(1)
Central Saint Martins Innovation Centre13built1963
Thistle Westminster Hotel12built
Two Pancras Square10built2014
Sixty London10built2013
BT Centre10built1985
99 City Road10built1990
33 Central10built2017
100 Leadenhall Street10built1975
Mullard House12built1956
Cannon Place10built2011
Two New Ludgate10built2015
Plantation Place South9built2004
Broadwalk House9built1990
30 Gresham Street9built2003
Wood Street Police Station13built1965
One New Ludgate11built2015
12 Arthur Street11built2004
One Great St Helen's10built1998
8 Newton Street14built
2 Baltimore Wharf13built2009
Candlewick House9built
Victoria Plaza8built1984
Millbank Court14built
The Ordnance Building13built2019
Grand Central Building13built2003
21 Sheldon Square13built2003
Paddington Walk12built2004(1)
Eastern Quay12built2003
Wessex House11built2016
Tudor House11built2016
Sandringham House11built2016
Hyde Park Hotel11built1889
25-29 Gresham Street11built2002
Bloomberg Place 210built2017
Bloomberg Place 110built2017
Broadcasting House Extension9built2011
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London - Victoria12built
Winter Garden House13built1969
1 Bartholomew Lane10built2010
The Adelphi13built1938
125 Shaftesbury Avenue11built1982
Globe House10built1999
Garrard House10built1998
33 Old Broad Street9built1997
100 Wood Street10built2000
H10 London Waterloo13built2010
Buchanan House8built1957
Malting House14built1969
Brewster House14built1969
Metro Central Heights Block D13built1963
Lexington Apartments12built1959
Tenter House11built1965
The Corniche Tower 313built2018
10 Fleet Place10built1992
The Horizon Building13built2000
Maurer Court13built
Grange Tower Hotel East Tower13built2010
Victoria Hall King's Cross12built2016
Switch House12built2003
Pinnacle Two12built2003
Longitude House12built
Java House12built2016
Free Trade Wharf12built1984
Finsbury Circus House12built1991
Cleland House12built2016
Abell House12built2016
Four Seasons Hotel Canary Wharf10built1999(1)
10 Finsbury Square10built2013
Unilever House9built1931
The Costume Storebuilt2012
Coltash Court14built1968
1-3 Clement's Inn13built1971
Royal Albert Hallbuilt1871
Governors House10built
The Monument Building10built2016
One Basinghall Avenue10built2007
The Grange City Hotel13built1963
Western Beach Apartments12built2001
Brettenham House12built1932
New Guy's House11built1961
1 Fleet Place10built1992
Aldgate House8built1976
OneTwentyNine Wilton Road13built2008
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