On April 1st 1965 the London Government Act 1963 came into force. This greatly extended the boundaries of London and created thirty-two Boroughs to make up the administrative unit of Greater London.

In the SkyscraperPage database, London includes all of the 32 boroughs plus the City of London.

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The Plimsoll Building14built2015
The Vantage16built2008
Rahere House17built
Penge House17built1974
Inkster House17built1969
Chesterton House17built1970
Verona House16built1968(1)
Pretoria House16built1968(1)
Parsons House16built1972
Norvic House16built1968(1)
Medina House16built1968(1)
John Kennedy House16built1964(1)
Hamlet House16built1968(1)
Golding House16built1972
Cliff House16built1972
Brydale House16built1960(1)
Addy House16built1960(1)
Elton House15built1962(1)
Wentworth House14built(1)
Peel Centre Two14built1972(1)
Peel Centre Three14built1972(1)
Parker Tower14built1967(1)
St. Thomas' Hospital, North Wing13built1975(1)
Belgrave Court13built1999
Three Pancras Square11built2016
IQL S910built2019
Bankside 310built2007
Bankside 210built2007
Kennet House17built
Grayson House17built1961
Galway House17built1961
Vermilion II13built2012
80 Cannon Street11built1976
Canary Quarter Block E15built2009
Five Fleet Place10built2007
Central YMCA12built1977
Salamanca Square14built2004
Penn Court14built2018
NEO Bankside Building D12built2012
NEO Bankside Building C12built2011
Victoria Street Building11built2005
Six Pancras Square11built2014
11 Westferry Circus11built1997
1 & 7 Westferry Circus11built1992
London City Hall10built2002(1)
20 Columbus Courtyard10built1999(1)
17 Columbus Courtyard10built1999(1)
3 More London10built2007
Aquarius House14built2010
4 More London10built2007
1 Aldgate Union8built1988
The Hilton London Tower Bridge13built2007
110 Cannon Street12built
Wellcome Trust Headquarters10built2004
Shoreditch House16built1964
Hughes Parry Hall16built1969
The Bower15built
Kent Building17built2016
Unite Students Angel Lane15built2015
Thanet Tower14built2017
Parliament View Apartments14built2001
Echo House13built2019
St Magnus House11built
Landmark Place11built2018
Four Pancras Square10built2017
2 More London10built2003(1)
15 Westferry Circus10built2001(1)
1 More London10built2003
City Reach One9built1991
Two Waterhouse Square6built1901
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office5built1873
New Roman House17built2012
Vesage Court14built1981
Bilton Towers13built
Holborn Tower12built1960
MidCity Place10built2001
Crowne Plaza London Albert Embankment15built2018
Aurelia Blocks D & E13built2015
The Peak10built2009
10 Fenchurch Street11built1984
Thomas More Building12built
Fleetbank House11built1964
The Walbrook10built2009
Granville Court15built(1)
Corbiere House15built(1)
Bosworth House15built1971(1)
Westgate Apartments14built2008
Vesta House14built2012
Crescent Tower14built2000
52-58 Commercial Road West Tower14built2009
Eddington Court13built2017
9 Albert Embankment13built2002
The White House12built1961
Imperial Airways Empire Terminal12built1939
Adelaide House11built1925(1)
10 Lower Thames Street11built1985
Sixty Threadneedle Street10built2008
Monument Place10built2013
Winchester House8built1999
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