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On April 1st 1965 the London Government Act 1963 came into force. This greatly extended the boundaries of London and created thirty-two Boroughs to make up the administrative unit of Greater London.

In the SkyscraperPage database, London includes all of the 32 boroughs plus the City of London.

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Farnell Point22destroyed(1)
Embley Point22destroyed(1)
Chantry Point22destroyed
Castle House Redevelopment21cancelled
Royal Lancaster Hotel20built1966
New Roman House17built2012
64 Buckingham Gate17built(1)
Milton House15built1980
5 Churchill Place15built2009
20 Cabot Square13built1991(1)
2 Minster Court11built1990
Lee Housedestroyed(1)
Tintagel House23destroyed(1)
Thornhill Point23destroyed
Ronan Point23destroyed(2)
Pendragon House23destroyed(1)
Merrit Point23destroyed(1)
Lancelot House23destroyed(1)
John Sopp Point23destroyed(1)
Hume Point23destroyed(1)
Henniker Point23built1969(1)
Halston Point23destroyed
Gannon Point23destroyed(1)
Dobson Point23destroyed(1)
Camelot House23destroyed(1)
Baulkham Point23destroyed(1)
Ault Point23destroyed(1)
Abrahams Point23destroyed(1)
Whitebeam Tower22destroyed
Walter Savill Tower22destroyed
Topmast Point22built1968(1)
Terrence Messenger Tower22destroyed(1)
Stanley Horstead Tower22destroyed(1)
St. Micheal Tower22destroyed
Rundell Tower22built1967
Otterburn House22built1966(1)
Midship Point22built1968(1)
Lunar House22built1970
Laird House22built1966(1)
Knighthead Point22built1968(1)
Kevan House22built1966(1)
Kelvedon House22built1967(1)
James Dixon Tower22destroyed
James Collins Tower22destroyed(1)
Holden Point22built1969(1)
Ernest Richards Tower22destroyed
Crossmount House22built1966(1)
Coniston House22built1966(1)
Clifford Hicks Tower22destroyed(1)
Bowsprit Point22built1968(1)
Arthur Punshion Tower22destroyed(1)
Apollo House22built1970
Greaves Tower20built1977(1)
Chelsea Reach Tower20built1977(1)
Senate House19built1937
NEO Bankside Building B18built2011
Evergreen House16built1970(1)
201 Bishopsgate14cancelled
The Quadratic13cancelled
Peterborough Court13built1991
280 Bishopsgate13built2001(1)
Clare House22built1967(1)
Cavan House22destroyed(1)
Antrim House22destroyed(1)
Southern House19built1967
Nine Elms Point Tower III18under construction
70 Mark Lane17under construction
64-74 Mark Lane16proposed
Burne House15built1977
5 Merchant Square15built2010
50 Bank Street11built2002(3)
199 Westminster Bridge17proposed
Merlin House23built1968(1)
Kestrel House23built1968(1)
Curlew House23built1968(1)
Cormorant House23built1968(1)
Stubbs Point22built1967
Pinter House22built1969
Luke House22built1965(1)
Kerrin Point22destroyed
Holland Rise House22built1968
Grafton House22built(1)
Edrich House22built1966
Denning Point22built1968(1)
Berkeley House22built(1)
Beckett House22built1968
Arden House22built1968
Sparkford House21built1964(1)
Selworthy House21built1964(1)
Regina Point21built1964(2)
Durrington Tower21built1966(1)
Columbia Point21built1964(2)
Amesbury Tower21built1966(1)
Sudbury House16destroyed
58 Fenchurch Street16built2002(1)
Dashwood House15built1976(2)
Trinty Tower14built1990(1)
30 The South Colonnade13built1991(1)
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