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On April 1st 1965 the London Government Act 1963 came into force. This greatly extended the boundaries of London and created thirty-two Boroughs to make up the administrative unit of Greater London.

In the SkyscraperPage database, London includes all of the 32 boroughs plus the City of London.

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Draper House25built1965(1)
92-276 Conway Road25destroyed
Stebbing House24built1966(1)
Poynter House24built1966(1)
Norland House24built1966(1)
Berkeley Tower22built1998
One Tower Bridge Building D21under construction
88 Wood Street18built1998(1)
Exchange Tower17built1989(1)
Charing Cross Hospital, Main Building17built1972
Michael Cliffe House25built1967(2)
Avant Garde24built2013
1 Minster Court14built1990
Winterton House24built1997(1)
The Pump House24under construction
Royal Victoria Tower I24built2016
Parliament House24built2015
The Panoramic19built1971(1)
10 Brock St.16built2013
Convoy's Wharf, Tower 326proposed
Kelson House25built1967(1)
Sporle Court24built1969(1)
Peruvian Wharf, Phase 224cancelled
Hastings House24built1970(1)
Elliston House24built1970(1)
Claymill House24built1970(1)
46-224 Elmley Street24built1970(1)
179-359 Glyndon Road24built1970(1)
Royal Victoria Tower II23built2016
Flagstaff House22built2003(1)
White Collar Factory17built2016
Gelston Point24destroyed
Knowles House21built1974(1)
Edwyn House21built1974(1)
Albon House21built1974(1)
Leon House19built1966
5 Aldermanbury Square18built2007
GSK House16built2001(1)
20 Churchill Place14built2008(1)
20 Canada Square12built2003(2)
15 Canada Square12built2009(1)
10 Churchill Place12cancelled
Grenfell Tower25built1974(1)
Pennine House25built1972(1)
Mendip House25built1972(1)
Grampian House25built1972(1)
Wicksteed House24built1970(1)
Totteridge House24built1970(1)
Maudsley House24built1970(1)
Harvey House24built1970(1)
Fraser House24built1970(1)
Cornish House24built1970(1)
Boulton House24built1970(1)
Dunlop Point23destroyed
Cranbrook Point23destroyed
The Signal Building22built2014
Aldgate Place, Metropolitan Towe22built2017
33 Cavendish Square20built
Windsor House19built1979(1)
Pembroke House19destroyed
WTC London 115destroyed
No.1 Plantation Place13built2004
Global Switch London 212built2002
Hurley House22built1968(1)
Fairford House22built1968(1)
Ebenezer House22built1968(1)
City Tower20built1964(2)
New Zealand House19built1960(2)
St. Alphage House17built1972(1)
140 London Wall17built1976(1)
91 Waterloo Road16built1974(1)
5 Broadgate11built2015
120 Fenchurch Street14under construction
5 Churchill Place15built2009
Sudbury House25built1975(1)
Petticoat Tower24built1972(1)
Blade Tower16fantasy(1)
20 Bank Street14built2003(2)
Oakmayne Plaza North Tower21under construction
70 Mark Lane17built2014
The Quadrangle Tower25built1968(1)
Marylebone Hall23built1965(1)
Luxborough Tower23built1965
Hermes Point22destroyed
Chantry Point22destroyed
Castlemaine Tower21built1964(1)
New Scotland Yard20built1966(1)
Royex House19destroyed(1)
Moor House18destroyed(1)
One America Square15built1990
OXO Tower8built1900(2)
London Bridge Station Redevelopment8cancelled
3 Merchant Square West21built2014
3 Merchant Square Eastbuilt2013
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