On April 1st 1965 the London Government Act 1963 came into force. This greatly extended the boundaries of London and created thirty-two Boroughs to make up the administrative unit of Greater London.

In the SkyscraperPage database, London includes all of the 32 boroughs plus the City of London.

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Parsons House21built1969
Oversley House21built1965(1)
Lupin Point21built1964(1)
Godfrey House21built
Gaydon House21built1964(1)
David Lee Point21built1965(1)
Casby House21built1964(1)
Brinklow House21built1968(1)
Brassett Point21built1965(1)
Aubrey Moore Point21built1968(1)
Albert Bigg Point21built1968(1)
Wilmer House20built1968(1)
Westland House20built1965(1)
Sandall House20built1968(1)
Queensland House20built1966(1)
Ingram House20built1968(1)
Dunedin House20built1965(1)
Peachy House19built
30 Eastbourne Terrace19built
British Standards House18built1966(1)
Elephant 1 Block B17built2016
Royal Free Hospital16built1969
Orion House16built1959
Exchange House12built1990
Oxygen Apartments19built2008
Broderick House22built(1)
Whitgift House21built1971(1)
Macey House21built1971(1)
Cranmer House21built1971(1)
Compton House21built1971(1)
Ward Point20built1972(1)
Turnpike House20built(1)
Thaxted Court20built1970(1)
International Press Centre18built1972(1)
Computer House18built1963(1)
The Tower Building16built1967
Westminster Tower15built1982(1)
St. Botolph's House14built2011
Bishopsgate Exchange13built1989
Whitstable House21built1966(1)
SeaCon Tower21built2004
Merkland House21built1970(1)
Frinstead House21built1970(1)
Dixon House21built1970(1)
Snowman House20built1967(1)
Sivill House20built1962(1)
Mary Green20built1967(1)
Hamilton House20built2005
Elmslie Point20built1965(1)
Drake House20built2003
Capital House18built1960
Archway Tower16built1963(1)
Falcon Wharf15built2006
One London Wall13built2003
Eland House11built1998
3 Minster Court10built1990
Shepherds Court20built1971(1)
Keyham House20built1974(1)
Fitzgerald House20built1971(1)
The Michigan Building19built2004
Stratford Eye19built2008
Peel Centre One17built1972(1)
Eighty9 Albert Embankment16built
Lloyds Register of Shipping Building14built1999
Bankside 113built2006
SIS Building10built1995(1)
Shell Mex House12built1931(1)
Bush Court20built1971(1)
Azure Building16built2017
Northwood Tower21built1969
Barton House20built1965(1)
Hyatt Carlton Tower Hotel18built1961
Novotel London Euston16built1967
Mercury House12built
Railtrack House16built1980(1)
Coral Apartments19built2005
Alaska Apartments19built2005
Simla House21built1966(1)
Burwash House21built1966(1)
Woodford Court20built1974(1)
Winford House20built1965(1)
West Point20built1963(1)
Waverton House20built1965(1)
Roseford Court20built1974(1)
East Point20built1963(1)
Centre Point20built1963(1)
Sleaford House19built
Gayton House19built1964(1)
South Point18built1964(1)
Marlowe House17built1966
Finsbury Tower16built1967(1)
Blantyre Tower16built1977(1)
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