On April 1st 1965 the London Government Act 1963 came into force. This greatly extended the boundaries of London and created thirty-two Boroughs to make up the administrative unit of Greater London.

In the SkyscraperPage database, London includes all of the 32 boroughs plus the City of London.

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Nova South16built2017
Streamlight at Alberta24built2011
Merano Residences29built2017
Four Casson Square28built2019
The Corniche Tower 227built2018
No. 1 The Plaza27built2013(1)
Conquest Tower27built2018
240 Blackfriars Road19built2014(1)
Altitude Point28built2014
London Television Centre27built1972(3)
The Holiday Inn London Kensington Forum27built1973(1)
One Commercial Street17built2013
Balfron Tower26built1967(2)
Shearsmith House28built1972(1)
The Triton Building26built2013
Distillery Crescent26built2011(1)
Pioneer Point, South Tower25built2011(1)
N.L.A. Tower24built1970(1)
Marble Arch Tower23built1966(2)
Tabard Square21built2006
125 London Wall18built1992(1)
One Eighty Stratford High Street27built2011
Eagle House27built2015
Tolworth Tower22built1964(1)
30 Crown Place18built2008
25 Cabot Square17built1991(1)
Arora Tower24built2016
The Lighterman24built2017
Peregrine House27built1969(2)
NEO Bankside Building A24built2011
Wembley Point21built1965(2)
Lewisham House20built1977(1)
One Creechurch Place18built2016
25 The North Colonnade17built1991(1)
Wiverton Tower25built2016
Wharfside Point South25built2008
Union Jack Club South Tower25built1974(1)
Aldgate Place, Gateway Tower25built2017
206-214 Stratford High Street25built2018
St George's House24built1964(1)
Royal Captain Court24built2019
Aldgate Tower17built2014
Maydew House26built1964(1)
Eddystone Tower26built1962(1)
Daubeny Tower26built1962(1)
Chelsea Creek24built2016
Defoe House25built2019
10 Cabot Square13built1991(1)
Elektron Tower25built2008
Lewey House24built1966(1)
University College London Hospital18built2005(2)
Upper Riverside Building 223built2018
Discovery Dock East24built2005(1)
Whitgift Centre (Centre Tower)21built1970(1)
Taberner House21built1967(1)
Belvedere Tower20built1987(1)
6 New Street Square17built2007
River Heights28built2017
The Liberty Building23built2019
Elephant 1 Block A23built2016
Quadrant House21built1980(1)
Westminster City Hall20built1966(1)
Keybridge House17built1978(1)
The ARK10built1992
The Corniche Tower 124built2018
Admiralty House20built2017
New Court16built2011
Neroli House23built2019
Priestman Point25built1970(1)
Nightingale Heights25built1968(1)
Mallard Point25built1970(1)
Hackworth Point25built1970(1)
Great West Quarter25built2014
Draper House25built1965(1)
Stebbing House24built1966(1)
Poynter House24built1966(1)
Norland House24built1966(1)
Bridgewater House24built2019
Berkeley Tower22built1998
88 Wood Street18built1998(1)
Exchange Tower17built1989(1)
Charing Cross Hospital, Main Building17built1972
The Royal Courts of Justice7built1882
Michael Cliffe House25built1967(2)
Avant Garde24built2013
Vermilion I21built2012
Roosevelt Tower21built2018
1 Minster Court14built1990
Kingwood Gardens22built2018
Cashmere House22built2014
Drapers Gardens15built2009
4 Mastmaker Road Tower 122built2009
Winterton House24built1997(1)
Royal Victoria Tower I24built2016
The Panoramic19built1971(1)
Upper Riverside Building 122built2018
10 Brock St.16built2013
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