Kyoto is located in the Northern Kinki region, north of Osaka and Nara, in a valley famous for its summer humidity.

This city is at the heart of Japanese history and traditional culture. Though there are no historical records regarding the initial settlement of the area, the city was officially founded under the name Heiankyo (Heian Capital) in 794, and the Imperial government relocated there from Nara as a way to escape the growing influence of Buddhism, a religion relatively new to Japan at that time. Eventually the city was renamed Kyoto (Capital City), and remained the seat of the imperial government for over 1000 years, until it was moved to Tokyo in 1868.
This city was thankfully spared during the Allied bombings of World War II, allowing the preservation of many ancient and culturally significant artifacts and buildings.

The city was designated by government ordinance in 1956.

Ward list: Fushimi-ku, Higashiyama-ku, Kamigyo-ku, Kita-ku, Minami-ku, Nakagyo-ku, Nishikyo-ku, Sagyo-ku, Shimogyo-ku, Ukyo-ku, Yamashina-ku

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NIDEC Corporation Chuo Technical Developme...22built2003(2)
Kyocera Headquarters Building20built1998(2)
Kyoto Hotel Okura15built
Hotel Granvia Kyoto15built
Wacoal Headquarters11built1999(1)
Kyoto Kokusai Hotel13built