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Fiduciary Building9built1902
Highland Park South Tower12built1967
Highland Park North Tower12built1967
Commission House Condominiums10built1911
Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center10built
The Blatz12built
Sovereign Apartments9built1929
Milwaukee Academy of Science10built
601 Lofts10built2007
Lincoln Court12built1970
St. Luke's West Parking Garage11built
Convent Hill Apartments11built2008
One Park Plaza12built1984
City Green Condominiums10built2007
Chai Point10built1994
Two Park Plaza12built
Mitchell Court11built1971
Becher Court11built
St. John's Tower10built1979
Schroeder Hall10built1957
Wyndham Milwaukee Center10built1987
Bartlett Building10built1923
Viking Apartments9built1931
Park Lane Apartments9built1930
Hathaway Tower9built1930
Grain Exchange Building9built1935
1609 North Prospect Building9built
1260 North Prospect Avenue9built1938
875 East Wisconsin8built2003
Milwaukee Art Museum3built2001(2)
Wisconsin Exposition Center2built2002
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