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Capital of Ukraine.
First mentioned in 482 A.D.

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The Trident101cancelled(2)
Eternal Shining63vision(1)
Victory Towers55proposed(2)
Sky Towers47under construction(2)
7a Klovski Descent47under construction(1)
The Sail32built2006(5)
Crystal Plaza35stale proposal(1)
World Trade Center31stale proposal(1)
The Crown37built2007(2)
1 Sribnokilska St.37built2008(1)
Kiev Court of Appeals25built2006(1)
101 Tower28built2012(1)
Ministry of Transport of Ukraine28built1986(2)
12-Zh Heroes of Stalingrad Av.27built2005(2)
12-e Heroes of Stalingrad Av.27built2005(2)
1 Obolon Embankment31built2013(1)
21v Reunion Av.36under construction(1)
Medical University Administrative Building23on hold(1)
Mega City35under construction(1)
Elegant32under construction(1)
Apartment Complex on 37, Saksaganskogo St.26cancelled(1)
7b Lesia Ukrainka Blvd.30built2010(1)
Novopecherski Lipki 5 (II queue)32under construction(1)
3 Galya Tymotheeva St.29built2003(1)
42 Chokolovsky Blvd.27built2008(1)
7a Lesia Ukrainka Blvd.35built2011(2)
Novopecherski Lipki 632built2012(1)
36b Shchors St.27built(1)
Dnieper Towers, Tower 635on hold(3)
Dnieper Towers, Tower 535on hold(3)
Dnieper Towers, Tower 435on hold(3)
Dnieper Towers, Tower 335on hold(3)
Dnieper Towers, Tower 235on hold(3)
Azure Blues26built2010(2)
9 Revutsky St.34under construction(2)
Silver Breeze 332on hold(1)
Silver Breeze 232built2010(2)
Silver Breeze 132built2010(1)
9 Michael Grishko St.32built2006(1)
59 Zvirynetska St.29cancelled(1)
Predslavynska27under construction(1)
Novopechersky Lipki 731built2012(1)
Novopecherski Lipki 4 (II queue)31under construction(1)
Novopecherski Lipki 3 (II queue)31under construction(1)
Ukrainian TV Center23built1992(2)
12 Alexander Mishuha St.33built2010(1)
31/11 Predslavynska St.26built2004(1)
Times of Year25built2009(1)
Pinery 332under construction(1)
30-b Lesya Ukrainka Blvd.25built2002(1)
23 Lesya Ukrainka Blvd.25built2005(1)
41 Bohdan Khmelnytsky St.26built(1)
37D Saksaganski St.25cancelled(1)
Ramada Encore Hotel23built2012(1)
Horizon Park II19built2010(1)
Trade House25built1981(2)
4v Red Stars Av.30built2009(1)
4g Red Stars Av.30built2009(1)
4b Red Stars Av.30built2009(1)
4a Red Stars Av.29built2008(1)
17 Kovpak St.27built2001(1)
Mykilski Grad26built2009(1)
52B Marina Raskova st.23built2003(1)
The Sail27built2008(2)
Passage 126on hold(1)
Panorama on Pechersk27built2014(1)
12 Staronavodnytska St.22built2002(1)
Europe Plaza23built2007(1)
Senator19under construction(1)
Passage 326built2008(1)
Passage 226built2008(1)
20 Viacheslav Chornovil St.26built2005(1)
11 Vorovsky St.25built2002(1)
15a Solomenska St.28built2011(1)
10b Raisa Okipna St.23built2005(1)
10a Raisa Okipna St.23built2005(1)
10 Raisa Okipna St.23built2006(1)
Fountains Boulvard26built2013(1)
Tourist Hotel27built1987(1)
6B Mykilsko-Slobidska St.23built2002(1)
6 Mykilsko-Slobidska St.23built2002(1)
Park City27under construction(2)
13g Anna Akhmatova St.29built2004(1)
13d Anna Akhmatova St.29built2005(1)
13 Ann Akhmatova St.28built2003(2)
36v Shchors St.26built2013(1)
Aquamarine 327on hold(1)
Aquamarine 227on hold(1)
Aquamarine 127built2007(1)
Southern Gates26built2010(1)
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