Capital of Ukraine.
First mentioned in 482 A.D.

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Sky Towers47on hold(2)
Dnieper Towers, Tower 635on hold(3)
Dnieper Towers, Tower 535on hold(3)
Dnieper Towers, Tower 435on hold(3)
Dnieper Towers, Tower 335on hold(3)
Dnieper Towers, Tower 235on hold(3)
Aquamarine 327on hold(1)
Aquamarine 227on hold(1)
Medical University Administrative Building23on hold(2)
4a b. B Sosnins Family St.25on hold(1)
4a b. A Sosnins Family St.25on hold(1)
4a b. C Sosnins Family St.25on hold(1)
Topaz17on hold(1)
Three Strongmen22on hold(1)
Unfinished Building16on hold(1)
Dnieper Towers, Tower 117on hold(3)
Mirax Plaza46on hold(3)