Makhachkala is the capital and largest city of Dagestan and is located on the western shore of the Caspian Sea.

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Gamzatova 4918built2009
Dzherzhinskogo 618built2008
Shamilya 76a17built
Hotel Leningrad18built1970
Tashkentskaya 9a16built
Koshevogo 41v16built2017
Kadyrova 4616built2013
Mantasheva 13215built2016
Prospekt Petra Pervogo 9114built2016
Prospekt Akushevskogo 34d14built
Laptieva 67k214built2012
Laptieva 67k114built2012
Laptieva 6514built2012
Laptieva 53c14built2012