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Kawaguchi is in the metropolitian area of Tokyo.
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Kawaguchi is a city in southern Saitama. It was founded in 1933. Kawaguchi borders Tokyo to the north, just across the Arakawa River. Due to its location on the major north-south train corridor in Kanto and its proximity to both Tokyo and Saitama city, it is a major residential center.

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Listing 1 to 27 of 27 buildings
Elsa Tower 5555built1998(1)
Ober Tower Kawaguchi Collage34built2006(1)
Livio Tower Kawaguchi M-Do-Li-No32built2006(1)
Elsa Tower 3232built2002(1)
City Duo Tower Kawaguchi31built2006(1)
Camellia Tower Kawaguchi30built2003(1)
Kawaguchi Park Tower31built2001(1)
Sol Crest Kawaguchi30built2006
Dream Tower - Cure Residence31built2007
Asahi Environmental Center Incineration Pl...5built
Sky Front Tower Kawaguchi29built1994(1)
Park Side Tower Cosmo Kawaguchi Station Front29built2005
Livio Axis Place23built2005
Sky Square Kawaguchi Tower & Residence25built2003
Kawaguchi Lilia15built1990
Sky Mark Tower Kawaguchi23built1994
Ripre Kawaguchi Area 1 Building 125built1992
Lions Plaza Kawaguchi20built2001
Ripre Kawaguchi Area 1 Building 620built
Kawaguchi Center Building15built1994
Ribbon City Residence West Arena20built2006
Ripre Kawaguchi Area 2 Building 114built
Jem Kawaguchi Prime Avenue14built
Park Avenue Kawaguchi - South Building15built
Park Avenue Kawaguchi - North Building15built
Ribbon City Residence East Arena15built2006
Cosmo Kawaguchi Grace Form15built2001