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Listing 1 to 62 of 62 buildings
Silesia Office Tower A34cancelled(1)
MotoRondo30stale proposal
Jupiter Plaza33proposed(1)
KCB Residential27proposed(1)
Havre Towers25vision(1)
Stalexport 123built1982(3)
Stalexport 221built1982(3)
Silesian Voivodeship Office22built1985(3)
PKP Katowice Office Building17built1972(3)
Kukurydza 325built(2)
Kukurydza 225built(2)
Kukurydza 125built(2)
Osiedle Gwiazdy 724built(2)
Osiedle Gwiazdy 624built(2)
Osiedle Gwiazdy 524built(2)
Osiedle Gwiazdy 424built(2)
Osiedle Gwiazdy 324built(2)
Osiedle Gwiazdy 224built(2)
Osiedle Gwiazdy 124built(2)
Millenium Rondo25proposed(2)
Ulica Sokolska 3324built(4)
Biurowiec Ulica Francuska14built(2)
Wiezowiec Ulanska 920built1965(1)
Wiezowiec Ulanska 720built1965(1)
Wiezowiec Ulanska 520built1965(1)
Wiezowiec Ulanska 1620built1965(1)
Wiezowiec Ulanska 1120built1965(1)
Wiezowiec Tysiaclecia 9220built1965(1)
Wiezowiec Tysiaclecia 9020built1965(1)
Wiezowiec Tysiaclecia 8820built1965(1)
Wiezowiec Tysiaclecia 7820built1965(1)
Wiezowiec Piastow 920built1965(1)
Wiezowiec Chrobrego 220built1965(1)
Residential ul. Katowicka16built(1)
Drapacz Chmur14built1932(1)
Chorzowska 5013built2001(2)
Kukurydza 516built(2)
Kukurydza 416built(2)
Silesia Office Tower B15proposed(1)
Skanska Business Park 313proposed
Reinhold Tower B15cancelled
Hotel System14built2008
Uniwersytecka 2913built
Uniwersytecka 2513built
Uniwersytecka 2113built
Activ Investment Tower B13under construction
Activ Investment Tower A13under construction
Silesia Business Park D11proposed
Silesia Business Park A11proposed
Wiezowiec Piastow 1212built2006
Novotel Katowice Centrum11built1981
Siedziba Narodowej Orkiestry Symfonicznej ...5under construction(1)
Debowe Tarasy C411built2008
Debowe Tarasy C311under construction
Debowe Tarasy C211under construction
Debowe Tarasy C111under construction