Formerly known as Tsinan.

A city of eastern China on the Huang He (Yellow River) south of Tianjin. Opened to foreign commerce in 1904, it is the capital of Shandong province.

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Greenland Puli Center60built2015(1)
Provincial Cultural Center48built2014
Pearl International Business Center49built2004(1)
Hotel Sofitel Silver Plaza Jinan53built1996(1)
Luneng Building B41built2015
Agricultural Bank of Shandong Building42built1999(1)
Huaqiang Plaza34built
Prime Square36built2015
Jinlong Center35built2001(1)
Qilu Center Tower39built1995(1)
57 Jingshi Road42built2008
Provincial Cultural Center Building 331built2014
Mass Media Building35built2012
Feng Century39built2013
Shuntai Square A38built2011
Shandong Electric Power Mansion36built1997
Ginza Building B36built2012
Ginza Building A36built2012
Luneng Building A34built2015
Shuntai Square B38built2011
Yin Gong Building36built
Shuntai Square C37built2011
Tianye Center35built2015
Universal City Building31built2014
International Incubator Park A2-1 West33built2014
International Incubator Park A2-1 East33built2014
Olympic Financial Center A31built2015
Bank Of China Mansion36built
Jinan Zhongfang Mansion36built
Bank of Communications Building34built1999
Olympic Financial Center B28built2015
Han Yu Finance Business Center A2-529built2015
Shandong Airlines Headquarters28built2002(1)
Jinan No.2 Long-distance Telecommunication...27built1996
Provincial Cultural Center Building 122built2014
Pearl Spring Tower31built
Han Yu Finance Business Center A2-324built2015
Yuquan Senxin Hotel28built
Lixia Building29built
Han Yu Finance Business Center A2-124built2015
Han Yu Finance Business Center A2-624built2015
Yinyuan Garden Tower 131built
Han Yu Finance Business Center A2-225built2015
Han Yu Finance Business Center A2-425built2015
Shandong News Mansion30built2000
Dongxing No.2 Tower33built
Jinan Electric Dispatcher's Building29built1997
Shandong Comprehensive Office Building of ...26built2005
Yinzuo Digital Square30built
Linxiang Tower 128built
Lanhai Square Hotel28built2005
Shandong Grain Trade Mansion26built1996
Sheraton Jinan Hotelbuilt2009
Linxiang Tower 226built
Jingwei Tower29built
Linxiang Tower 228built1996
Litian Hotel21built1997(1)
Zhonghao Grand Hotel28built
East Building24built1992
Jinan Shandong Mansion23built2002
Huasen Mansion28built
Huangtai Hotel22built
Power Dispatching Camplex Building of Shan...21built1987
Jinan Wanda Plaza Block A22built2010
Jinan Wanda Plaza Block Bbuilt2010
Shandong Communist Party of China Committe...21built1989
Licheng Electric Power Tower22built1996
Jinan Building18built1988
Shandong Insurance Company Mansion19built1992
Runhua Century Hotel23built
Silver Plaza Quancheng Hotel12built1983
News Comprehensive Building of Jinan Daily20built1995
No. 1 Tower Dongxingli18built2001
Shandong Huaneng Building14built1997
Pearl Grand Hotel19built1991
Jinan Longdu International Hotel18built
Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts Jinan14built2002
Jinma Hotel15built
Harbor Hotel26built2002
Housing Mansion25built
Shandong Huaneng Building22built1997
Sanlian Merchant Tower21built
Shandong Sports Building16built
Jinan Municipal Government Building16built