Formerly known as Wusih.

A city of eastern China between Shanghai and Nanjing. It is a shipping center.

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Wuxi Media Center18built2010(1)
World Trade Apartment232built2009
World Trade Apartment132built2009
Power Supply Bureau Science and Technology...27built
Xingjiang Garden Apartment B26built
Wuai Building26built
Congan Kaifa Shuli26built
World Trade Apartment425built2009
World Trade Apartment325built2009
Tai Lake Amusement City22built
Supplies Trade Building22built
Police Department Building22built
No.2 First-aid Center22built
No.1 Hospital Tower22built
Hongyun Building22built
Grand Park Hotel22built1998
Deyuan Apartment22built
China Hotel21built
Xinfangheqian Factory Test Station20built
Wuxi Jinlun Hotel20built2001
Yinren Mansionbuilt
Yinhui City Gardenbuilt
Gangli Hotelbuilt
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