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Jeddah Tower167on hold(6)
Diamond Tower70on hold(2)
Lamar Residential Tower 170on hold(1)
Lamar Residential Tower 262on hold(1)
The Shangri-La Hotel69built2018(1)
Aqua Tower59on hold(1)
West Tower at The Headquarters Business Park55built2015(1)
Golden Tower48built2018
Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ex...38under construction
Al Jawharah Tower49built2014
Beach Tower36built2014
Modern Investment Company Tower27proposed
King Road Tower35built2011
Westin Hotel East Eower23built
Al Andalusia Tower B37proposed
Al Andalusia Tower A37proposed
Rotana Hotel35proposed
Four Seasons Hotel33under construction
Masarat Tower40built2014
Dear Al Bahr30built2009
National Commerce Bank27built1983(3)
Islamic Development Bank Headquarters22built1993(1)
Main Administration Buildingbuilt1997
Cornich Dreams29built2007
PME Tower20built2013
Alfarsi Towers31built2010
Corniche Gardens Tower 217built2002
Corniche Gardens Tower 117built2002
Al Mahmal Towerbuilt1988
Westin Hotel West Tower23built(1)
Al Esayi Tower20built2013
Diwan Najiah Tower18built2013
Assila Tower A23built2014
Jeddah Convention Center18built2014
Abraj Al Hilal Tower 321built2012
Abraj Al Hilal Tower 221built2012
Abraj Al Hilal Tower 121built2012
C180 The Tower21built2013
East Tower at The Headquarters Business Park15built2014(1)
Assila Tower B18built2014
Ali Reza Tower15built
Zahran Business Center14built2011
Hyatt Regency Jeddahproposed
Hilton Hotel Jeddah12built2001(1)
Jeddah Children's Hospital12built2018
Jeddah Marriott Hotel Tower 212built
Jeddah Marriott Hotel Tower 112built
Le Jeddah Meridien12built
Al Kheir Tower21proposed
Saudi Cairo Bank20built
Hotel Barker and Jaffry20built
Jeddah Rush Housing 918built
Jeddah Rush Housing 818built
Jeddah Rush Housing 718built
Jeddah Rush Housing 618built
Jeddah Rush Housing 518built
Jeddah Rush Housing 418built
Jeddah Rush Housing 318built
Jeddah Rush Housing 2418built
Jeddah Rush Housing 2318built
Jeddah Rush Housing 2218built
Jeddah Rush Housing 2118built
Jeddah Rush Housing 2018built
Jeddah Rush Housing 218built
Jeddah Rush Housing 1918built
Jeddah Rush Housing 1818built
Jeddah Rush Housing 1718built
Jeddah Rush Housing 1618built
Jeddah Rush Housing 1518built
Jeddah Rush Housing 1418built
Jeddah Rush Housing 1318built
Jeddah Rush Housing 1218built
Jeddah Rush Housing 1118built
Jeddah Rush Housing 1018built
Jeddah Rush Housing 118built
Rosewood Corniche Hotel17built2007
Dallah Tower16built
Al Khozam Tower13built
The Jeddah Trident12built
Sheraton Jeddah Hotel & Villas12built
Ministry of Culture & Information10built
Red Sea Palace Hotel5built
Western Regional Office Buildingbuilt
Tower Buildingbuilt
Tamlik Towerbuilt
Tamer Towerbuilt
Silver Towerbuilt
Nawras Residential Tower 2proposed
Nawras Residential Tower 1proposed
Jeddah Municipality Buildingbuilt
Jeddah Chamber of Commerce & Industrybuilt
International Trading Centerproposed
Grand Hyatt Jeddahproposed
Financial Towerbuilt
Baroom Buildingbuilt
Barakat Towerbuilt
Attar Towerbuilt
Al-Badriyah Medical Towerbuilt
Al Nahlah Towerproposed
Al Khayat Towerbuilt
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