Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia. Jakarta is actually not a city, rather a special province governored by a governor, and made up of five cities, each headed by a mayor and a regency.

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Icon Towers [1]75under construction(1)
Thamrin Nine Tower [1]71under construction(1)
Indonesia Satu Towers65under construction(1)
7Point8under construction(1)
Jakarta Office Tower Project59under construction(1)
Millennium Office Tower53under construction(1)
World Capital Tower48under construction(2)
Four Seasons Residences55under construction
The Hundred47under construction
Icon Towers 258under construction
Mangkuluhur City [1]55under construction
Anandamaya Residences [1]47under construction
Chitaland Tower40under construction
Menara Palma 234under construction
Mangkuluhur City [2]52under construction
Anandamaya Residences [3]44under construction
Anandamaya Residences [2]44under construction
Jakarta News Center39under construction
Fraser Suite44under construction
Holland Village Office Tower35under construction
Shanghai Tower24under construction
New York Tower24under construction(1)
London Tower24under construction(1)
Menara Kompas I18under construction(1)