Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia. Jakarta is actually not a city, rather a special province governored by a governor, and made up of five cities, each headed by a mayor and a regency.

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Gama Tower64built2016(3)
Treasury Tower62built2018(1)
Wisma 4656built1996(3)
Menara Astra50built2017(1)
Raffles Hotel Jakarta45built2014(2)
Pakubuwono Signature50built2014(3)
Sinarmas MSIG Tower47built2015(2)
Sahid Sudirman Center52built2015(3)
Casa Domaine 161built2018(1)
Menara BCA56built2007(2)
Keraton at The Plaza46built2009(2)
Waldorf Astoria48built2016(1)
Ciputra World Apartment49built2013(1)
Equity Tower48built2010(2)
Telkom Landmark Tower48built2017(1)
The Peak 255built2006(3)
The Peak 155built2007(3)
St. Regis48built2016(1)
Graha Energi40built2008(3)
Kempinski Residences57built2008(2)
International Financial Center 248built2016(1)
Bakrie Tower48built2010(2)
The Pinnacle52built2006(3)
Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Tower B48built2005(3)
Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Tower A48built2005(3)
The Tower Jakarta50built2016(1)
Sequis Tower39built2018(1)
Casa Domaine 257built2018(1)
FWD Tower40built2017(1)
World Trade Center 344built2018
Seaview Condominium @ Green Bay Pluit Towe...48built2015(1)
The City Center @ Batavia City47built2012(1)
Infinity Apartment @ District 851built2017(1)
Eternity Apartment @ District 851built2017(1)
The Plaza Tower41built2009(3)
Kuningan City58built2012(3)
Soho at Podomoro City46built2017
Wisma Mulia54built2003(3)
Residence 8 @ Senopati Tower B50built2012(1)
Residence 8 @ Senopati Tower A50built2012(1)
AXA Tower45built2012(1)
UOB Plaza45built2007(2)
DBS Bank Tower40built2013(1)
The Ritz Kemang Village41built2007(1)
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Pacific Place37built2007(2)
Noble House32built2015
Central Park Residences56built2011(1)
Central Park Office Tower42built2011(1)
Pacific Place Apartments32built2007(1)
ITC Kuningan37built(1)
The Orchard and Residence Satrio44built2017(1)
Aston Veranda39built2009(1)
Indofood Tower & The Mayflower Marriott Ex...36built(1)
Menara Kadin Indonesia37built1997(3)
Centennial Tower40built2015(1)
The Peak 435built2006(2)
The Peak 335built2005(2)
The Grove Condominium Tower 339built2012(1)
The Grove Condominium Tower 139built2012(1)
Residence 8 @ Senopati Equity Tower32built2012(1)
Plaza BII Tower 239built(2)
World Trade Center II30built2012(2)
The Pakubuwono View Lacewood Tower37built2011(1)
Menara Da Vinci34built2003(1)
Sahid Sudirman Residences44built2009(1)
St. Moritz Tower42built2016(1)
Oakwood Premier Cozmo40built2006(2)
Cyber2 Tower33built2009(2)
InterContinental MidPlaza Jakarta Hotel37built(1)
Altira Office Park33built2015
Menara Batavia32built1997(2)
Mangkuluhur Tower33built2017
Sampoerna Strategic Square Tower 233built2005(3)
Sampoerna Strategic Square Tower 133built2005(3)
Taman Anggrek 846built1998(1)
Taman Anggrek 746built1998(1)
Taman Anggrek 646built1998(1)
Taman Anggrek 546built1998(1)
Taman Anggrek 446built1998(1)
Taman Anggrek 346built1998(1)
Taman Anggrek 246built1998(1)
Taman Anggrek 146built1998(1)
Menara Matahari41built(1)
The Pakubuwono House32built2015
The City Tower32built2007(1)
Fairmont Hotel32built2014(1)
BonaVista Apartments I27built1997(2)
Thamrin Residences42built(1)
Ancol Mansion Tower B41built2011(1)
Ancol Mansion Tower A41built2011(1)
Seasons City36built2010(1)
Capital Residences Tower 238built2007(1)
Capital Residences Tower 138built2007(1)
Tempo Scan Tower30built2011(1)
Gedung BRI II32built1991(2)
Bank Bumi Daya Plaza32built1983(1)
Sudirman Mansion36built2005
Thamrin Executive Residence45built2011(1)
Sudirman Park Tower 246built2007(1)
Sudirman Park Tower 146built2007(1)
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