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Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia. Jakarta is actually not a city, rather a special province governored by a governor, and made up of five cities, each headed by a mayor and a regency.

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The Residences at Puri Casablanca 332built1998(1)
The Residences at Puri Casablanca 232built1998(1)
The Residences at Puri Casablanca 132built1998(1)
Hollywood Residence Apartment Tower 231built2006(1)
Hollywood Residence Apartment Tower 131built2006(1)
The Westmark Apartments30built2013(1)
Bank Mega Tower27built2005(1)
Graha 14625built2007
Palazzo Residence Tower 131built2011
Mandarin Oriental Hotel26built1978(1)
Menara BTN26built1992(1)
Setiabudi Sky Garden Tower III28under construction(1)
Marco Polo Hotel & Residences27built1999
K-Link Tower26built2011(1)
Talavera Office Park24built(1)
Wisma Turi32built(1)
Wisma Teratai32built(1)
Wisma Tanjung32built(1)
Wisma Srigading32built(1)
Wisma Sedap Malam32built(1)
Wisma Palem32built1997(1)
Wisma Melur32built(1)
Wisma Melati32built(1)
Wisma Mayangsari32built1997(1)
Wisma Kenari32built1997(1)
Wisma Kenanga32built(1)
Wisma Kemuning32built(1)
Wisma Johar32built(1)
Wisma Cempaka32built1997(1)
Wisma Akasia32built1997(1)
Mediterania Palace Residences Tower B32built(1)
Apartemen Mediterania Marina Tower 332built2007
Apartemen Batavia II32built1997
Apartemen Batavia II32built1997(1)
Apartemen Batavia I32built1997(1)
Kota Kasablanka Residential Tower B30built2012
Kota Kasablanka Residential Tower A30built2012
Alamanda Tower30built2013
Menara Prima Tower II27built2013(1)
Standard Chartered Building24built1993
Intiland Tower24built1990
Nusantar I23built(1)
Dipo Business Center21built2013
The Pakubuwono Residence Tower [5]25built(1)
The Pakubuwono Residence Tower [4]25built(1)
The Pakubuwono Residence Tower [3]25built(1)
The Pakubuwono Residence Tower [2]25built(1)
The Pakubuwono Residence Tower [1]25built(1)
Sovereign Plaza22built2012(1)
Wisma Pondok Indah 324built2012(1)
Mediterania Palace Residences Tower C32built(1)
Mediterania Palace Residences Tower A32built(1)
Ministry of Transportation26built(1)
Menara Kuningan31built(1)
Ambassade Residence25built2012(1)
Chitatex Tower21built2012(1)
Mayapada Tower22built1993(1)
Apartemen Mediterania Marina Tower 430built2007
Apartemen Mediterania Marina Tower 230built2007
Wisma ANZ22built(1)
French Walk Apartment Tower 530built
French Walk Apartment Tower 430built(1)
French Walk Apartment Tower 330built
French Walk Apartment Tower 230built(1)
French Walk Apartment Tower 130built(1)
1 Park Residences - Tower C26built2012
Prudential Tower25built2009(2)
Kota Kasablanka Hotel Tower23built2013
BonaVista Apartments 223built1997(1)
Jakarta World Trade Center20built1985(2)
Sentral Senayan I19built1997(1)
Mediterania Garden Residences Tower 229built(1)
Mediterania Garden Residences Tower 129built(1)
Apartemen Mediterania Marina Tower 128built2007
Ministry of Religious Affairs21built2010(1)
Park Royal 326built1978(1)
Luwansa Hotel25built2012
The Mansion At Kemang24built2011
Saidah International Hospital22built2008
Gudang Garam21built2013(1)
Plaza Sentral21built(1)
Wisma B.C.A.18built1986(2)
Pakubuwono Terrace B26under construction
Pakubuwono Terrace A26under construction
Cervino Village Apartment26under construction
Summitmas Tower 218built(1)
Summitmas Tower 118built(1)
1 Park Residences - Tower A22built2012
Wisma Argo Manunggal20built(1)
Sarinah Department Store15built1962(1)
Wisma Dharmala Sakti18built
Graha Merah Putih15built(1)
Graha Unilever16built(1)
Signature Park Apartements20built2011(1)
1 Park Residences - Tower B18built2012
Mitra Building14built(1)
Kantor Pusat Jamsostek13built(1)
Plaza BII Tower III12built(2)
Pearl Garden12built2006(1)
Wisma BII13built(1)
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