Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia. Jakarta is actually not a city, rather a special province governored by a governor, and made up of five cities, each headed by a mayor and a regency.

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Puri Indah Town Center - The Windsor Tower A38built2014(1)
Menara Sentraya36built2015
Gedung BEJ II32built1995(1)
Gedung BEJ I32built1995(2)
Menara Satrio31built2007(1)
Tamansari Semanggi Apartments Tower B36built2012(1)
Tamansari Semanggi Apartments Tower A36built2012(1)
Menara Kompas II27built2017(1)
Gandaria City Apartments Tower IV41built2012(1)
Gandaria City Apartments Tower III41built2012(1)
Gandaria City Apartments Tower II41built2011(1)
Gandaria City Apartments Tower I41built2011(1)
Bank Negara Indonesia34built1986(1)
Setiabudi Sky Garden Tower I41built2015(1)
JW Marriott Hotel33built2001(2)
The Grove Condominium Tower 432built2010(1)
The Grove Condominium Tower 232built2010(1)
The East32built2007(1)
Setiabudi Residences30built2006(1)
Menara Imperium37built1995(2)
Landmark Building B31built(1)
Landmark Building A31built(1)
Alamanda Office Tower30built2013(1)
Bellagio Mansions36built(1)
Gandaria City Business Center33built2011(1)
GKBI Tower32built1995(1)
Patria Park Apartment Tower37built2007(1)
Aston Hotel Jakarta II37built1996(1)
Kota Kasablanka Business Center30built2013(1)
Sentral Senayan III29built2012(1)
Sentral Senayan II Office Tower29built2008(2)
Allianz Tower28built2011(1)
Ratu Plaza31built1982(2)
Gran Rubina Tower 135built2015
Bellagio Residence36built(1)
The H Tower31built2012(1)
Mulia Hotel Senayan40built1997(2)
Menara Karya27built2007(1)
Grand Hyatt30built1991(1)
The Pakubuwono View Redwood Tower34built2011
The Pakubuwono View Redwood Tower34built2009(1)
Plaza Bapindo Tower II30built(1)
Plaza Bapindo Tower I30built(1)
Gedung Artha Graha30built1995(2)
Menara Mulia26built(1)
Aston Hotel Jakarta I41built1996(1)
Palazzo Residence Tower 335built2011
Four Seasons Residence 435built1999(1)
Four Seasons Residence 335built1999(1)
Four Seasons Residence 235built1999(1)
Four Seasons Residence 135built1999(1)
Satrio Tower28built2016
Siloam Semanggi Hospital27built2011(1)
Cosmo Terrace35built2011(1)
Setiabudi Sky Garden Tower II34built2014(1)
The Manhattan Hotel Jakarta31built2006(2)
Menara Palma29built2009(1)
Life Tower27built2014
Wisma Nusantara30built1972(3)
Menara Global24built1995(2)
The 18th Residence South Tower36built(1)
The 18th Residence North Tower36built(1)
Shangri-La Hotel32built(1)
Mediterania Boulevard Residence Tower 232built2006(1)
Mediterania Boulevard Residence Tower 132built2006(1)
Chase Plaza27built1984(3)
Palazzo Residence Tower 232built2011
Menara Prima Tower I28built2008(1)
Senopati Suites Tower32built2011(1)
Paladian Park Tower G35built2006(1)
Paladian Park Tower F35built2006(1)
Paladian Park Tower E35built2006(1)
Paladian Park Tower D35built2006(1)
Paladian Park Tower C35built2006(1)
Paladian Park Tower B35built2006(1)
Paladian Park Tower A35built2006(1)
The Residences at Puri Casablanca 432built1998(1)
The Residences at Puri Casablanca 332built1998(1)
The Residences at Puri Casablanca 232built1998(1)
The Residences at Puri Casablanca 132built1998(1)
Hollywood Residence Apartment Tower 231built2006(1)
Hollywood Residence Apartment Tower 131built2006(1)
The Westmark Apartments30built2013(1)
Bank Mega Tower27built2005(1)
Graha 14625built2007
Palazzo Residence Tower 131built2011
Mandarin Oriental Hotel26built1978(1)
Menara BTN26built1992(1)
Rio de Janeiro Tower24built2009(1)
Monte Carlo Tower24built2009(1)
Miami Tower24built2009(1)
Dubai Tower24built2009(1)
Wisma Kyoei Prince26built(1)
SCBD Suite26built2005
Setiabudi Sky Garden Tower III28built2015(1)
Generali Tower22built2015
Marco Polo Hotel & Residences27built1999
K-Link Tower26built2011(1)
Talavera Office Park24built(1)
Wisma Turi32built(1)
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