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Na Sihoti 1162/3114built(1)
Na Sihoti 1161/2714built(1)
Na Sihoti 1159/2114built(1)
Na Sihoti 1157/1314built(1)
Na Sihoti 1156/914built(1)
Na Sihoti 1154/314built(1)
Okružná 2061/112built
Mierová 1971/2412built(1)
M. Gaceka 204012built(1)
Bysterecká 2064/2312built
Športovcov 1180/1411built(1)
Športovcov 1179/1211built(1)
Športovcov 1178/1011built(1)
Športovcov 1177/811built(1)
Športovcov 1176/611built(1)
Športovcov 1175/411built(1)
Na Sihoti 2069/2211built(1)
M. Gaceka 204111built(1)