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Agaoglu Tower100cancelled
Imar Plaza70cancelled(1)
Dubai Towers-Istanbul 194cancelled(1)
Selenium of Istanbul60cancelled
2050 World Trade Center 362cancelled
2050 World Trade Center 262cancelled
2050 World Trade Center 162cancelled
Dubai Towers-Istanbul 274cancelled(1)
Ciftciler Zincirlikuyu Tower 152cancelled
Eczacibasi Tower 148cancelled
Turkish Central Bank Headquarters34cancelled(1)
EDIP Tower43cancelled
Sisli Culture & Commercial Center 250cancelled
Sisli Culture & Commercial Center 150cancelled
Bay Insaat Maslak Project33cancelled
Sisli Culture & Trade Center Tower 146cancelled
Bomonti Time Residence48cancelled
Eczacibasi Tower 241cancelled
Zorlu Plaza Tower42cancelled
Istanbul Landmark Hotel43cancelled
Soyak Kristal Kule35cancelled
ISBAS Plaza 134cancelled(3)
Sisli Culture & Commercial Center 443cancelled
Sisli Culture & Commercial Center 343cancelled
Metropolitan City Hall36cancelled(1)
Ataköy Business Center40cancelled
Maslak Teras Tower 137cancelled
Sisli Culture & Trade Center Tower 232cancelled
ISBAS Plaza 226cancelled(1)
Sisli Culture & Commercial Center 635cancelled
Sisli Culture & Commercial Center 535cancelled
Sisli Culture & Trade Center Hotel33cancelled
Maslak No:1 Commercial Center28cancelled
Maslak Teras Tower 230cancelled
Levent Hotel21cancelled
Haydarpaşa Hotel45cancelled
Ciftciler Zincirlikuyu Tower 245cancelled
Bay Insaat Maslak Project 133cancelled