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65% (8,57 millions) in Europe; 35% (4,68 millions) in Asia

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Listing 301 to 400 of 445 buildings
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K3 Plaza20built1999
Balkaner Plaza20built1996
Toyota Plaza18built
Bijoux Plaza15proposed
Marmara Pera Hotel24built1970
Trio Residence 323built
Trio Residence 223built
Trio Residence 123built
Kalamis Residence23built1998(1)
Odakule Center22built1971
Bahcesehir Type D - 822built
Bahcesehir Type D - 722built
Bahcesehir Type D - 622built
Bahcesehir Type D - 522built
Bahcesehir Type D - 422built
Bahcesehir Type D - 322built
Bahcesehir Type D - 222built
Bahcesehir Type D - 122built
Nurol Plaza20built1997
ISTOC Trade Center16built2007
Gardenya Plaza 325built
Yesil Plaza23built2000
Dumankaya Vizyon 224built2010
Akmerkez Tower 221built1992
Sky Residence23built2010
Miks Tower B23under construction
Eston Kirazlieveler 620built1996
Eston Kirazlieveler 520built1996
Eston Kirazlieveler 420built1996
Eston Kirazlieveler 220built1996
Eston Kirazlieveler 120built1996
Eston Kirazlieveler 120built1996
Istanbul World Trade Center 619built(1)
Istanbul World Trade Center 519built(1)
Istanbul World Trade Center 419built(1)
Istanbul World Trade Center 319built(1)
Istanbul World Trade Center 219built(1)
Istanbul World Trade Center 119built(1)
Yapi Kredi Foundation22built1972
Nora Plaza21built
Kosifler BMW Headquarters18built2002
Beyaz Kosk Residence I22built(1)
Beyaz Kosk Residence 222built(1)
Cengiz Tower19built2007
USO Center20built2000
Platan Residences 920built1985
Platan Residences 820built1985
Platan Residences 720built1985
Platan Residences 620built1985
Platan Residences 520built1985
Platan Residences 420built1985
Platan Residences 320built1985
Platan Residences 220built1985
Platan Residences 1220built1985
Platan Residences 1120built1985
Platan Residences 1020built1985
Platan Residences 120built1985
Gardenya Plaza 220built
Gardenya Plaza 120built
Garanti Plaza18built2000
Denizbank Headquarters18built1993
Newada II21under construction
Elysium Fantastic18built2011
Nova Baran Center23built1988
Ceylan Aydogan Office Building16built2007
Atasehir Business Center19built
Kuleli Kosk Residence II22built(1)
Evsan Center18built1999
Levent Hotel21cancelled
Akmerkez Tower 318built1992
Kuleli Kosk Residence III22built(1)
Kuleli Kosk Residence I22built(1)
Polcenter 216built
Polcenter 116built
Kaya Millennium Business Center Tower 216built2004
Bahcesehir Type R - 818built
Bahcesehir Type R - 718built
Bahcesehir Type R - 618built
Bahcesehir Type R - 518built
Bahcesehir Type R - 418built
Bahcesehir Type R - 318built
Bahcesehir Type R - 218built
Bahcesehir Type R - 118built
Istanbul Dedeman Hotel17built
Isbi Plaza15built2001
Halkali Residences 720built
Halkali Residences 620built
Halkali Residences 520built
Halkali Residences 420built
Halkali Residences 320built
Halkali Residences 1920built
Halkali Residences 1820built
Halkali Residences 1420built
Halkali Residences 1320built
Halkali Residences 1220built
Halkali Residences 120built
Evren Sitesi Block D20built
Evren Sitesi Block B20built
Evren Sitesi Block A20built
Ayazaga Trade Center18built1992
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