• Named after Edward Banfield.
• It is the most populous city of the district Lomas de Zamora.

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Banfield del Este29built2015(1)
Vergara 154323built2017(1)
Torre Parque Almerias21built2015(1)
Vergara 131521built2013(1)
Alsina 77022under construction(1)
Les Bruyeres - Torre 119built2014(2)
Les Bruyeres - Torre 218built2015(2)
Parque Belgrano17built2000(1)
Edificio Quintus17built2017(1)
Edificio Pueyrredón16built
Banfield Residence16built(1)
Uxmal II14built(1)
Chacabuco 23615built2013(1)
Torre El Lazo13built2012(1)
Torre Atica13built2015(1)
Belgrano 133314built2011(1)
Cochabamba 16515under construction
Belgrano 153714built2010
Talcahuano 34613built2006
Edificio Xuncal13built2011
Terrazas de Banfield V12built2017
Terrazas de Banfield IV12built2016
Cochabamba 36212built2010
Cochabamba 33111built2002