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Metropolitian Area Cities
Hong Kong is in the metropolitian area of Pearl River Delta.
• Dongguan
• Foshan
• Guangzhou
• Huizhou
• Jiangmen
• Macau
• Shenzhen
• Zhongshan
• Zhuhai

Hong Kong

Returned to the People's Republic of China from Great Britain in 1997.

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Listing 901 to 1000 of 1298 buildings
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Nathan Commercial Building24built1997(1)
AIA Building22built1967(1)
Monmouth Place25built1994
Cavendish Heights 825built1986
Richview Mansion29built1979(1)
Prosperous Garden 529built1991(1)
Prosperous Garden 429built1991(1)
Prosperous Garden 329built1991(1)
Prosperous Garden 229built1991(1)
Prosperous Garden 129built1991(1)
On Hong Building29built1985
Ching Tak House29built1993
Centenary Mansion Block 129built1984
Laguna City 1528built1991(1)
Laguna City 1428built1991(1)
Laguna City 1328built1991(1)
Bigfoot Centre26built2010
La Lumiere24built2016
Wu Sang House28built1966(1)
Sun Hing Building27built1966(1)
Hang Seng Bank Mongkok Building26built1995(1)
CMB Wing Lung Bank Centre23built1975(1)
Bright Way Tower22built1992(1)
Chong Hing Square19built1994(1)
113 Argyle Street25built1996(1)
One Bay East East Tower21built2015
Manulife Tower21built2015
Lockhart Telephone Exchange20built1972(1)
Ching Fai House28built1996
Suncrest Tower24built1986
Cavendish Heights 524built1986
1 Chatham Road South24built1999(1)
Laguna City 927built1994(1)
Laguna City 827built1991(1)
Laguna City 727built1991(1)
Laguna City 627built1991(1)
Laguna City 527built1991(1)
Laguna City 427built1991(1)
Laguna City 3827built1994(1)
Laguna City 3727built1994(1)
Laguna City 3627built1994(1)
Laguna City 3527built1994(1)
Laguna City 3427built1994(1)
Laguna City 3327built1991(1)
Laguna City 3227built1991(1)
Laguna City 3127built1991(1)
Laguna City 3027built1991(1)
Laguna City 327built1991(1)
Laguna City 2927built1991(1)
Laguna City 2827built1991(1)
Laguna City 2727built1991(1)
Laguna City 227built1991(1)
Laguna City 1227built1994(1)
Laguna City 1127built1994(1)
Laguna City 1027built1994(1)
Laguna City 127built1991(1)
Kwun Hoi Terrace28built1985(1)
Oak, Maple and Juniper Mansions28built1984(1)
Marigold and Begonia Mansions28built1985(1)
Lotus, Wisteria and Primrose Mansions28built1983(1)
Commune Modern25built2018
Jolly Garden27built2002(1)
Empress Plaza22built1992(1)
Metro Winner Hotel21built1999(1)
Grand Central Plaza20built1997(1)
Cityplaza 422built1992(1)
Laguna City 2626built1991(1)
Laguna City 2526built1991(1)
Laguna City 2426built1991(1)
Dominion Centre25built1979(1)
Cityplaza 322built1992(1)
City Garden Hotel27built1988(1)
City Garden Blocks 7-1027built1986(1)
City Garden Blocks 4-627built1982(1)
City Garden Blocks 11-1327built1986(1)
City Garden Blocks 1-327built1983(1)
City Garden Block 1427built1986(1)
Silver Court26built1977(1)
The Park Lane25built1974
World Peace Centre24built1998
Honest Motors Building23built1998(1)
Shun Hing Centre22built
Mount Parker Residences22built2014(1)
238 Nathan Road21built1999(1)
Maxim's Centre20built2015
Po Leung Kuk Community College19built2008
M1 Hotel Mong Kok18built2014(1)
Winner Godown Building16built1988
Greenview Terrace24built1991
Pearl Oriental Tower20built1995
Cheong Ming Building23built1977(1)
Bay View Mansion23built1966(1)
Harbour Bay Hotel21built1997(1)
Tang Kung Mansion27built1979(1)
Oi Kwan Court26built1980
Cameron Mansion26built2014(1)
Laguna City 2325built1994(1)
Laguna City 2225built1994(1)
Laguna City 2125built1994(1)
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