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Metropolitian Area Cities
Hong Kong is in the metropolitian area of Pearl River Delta.
• Dongguan
• Foshan
• Guangzhou
• Huizhou
• Jiangmen
• Macau
• Shenzhen
• Zhongshan
• Zhuhai

Hong Kong

Returned to the People's Republic of China from Great Britain in 1997.
Central was formerly known as Victoria.

Important finanical centre in the Far East .

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Harbour Plaza Kingswood28built1998
Hong Kong & China Gas Headquarters27built1993
Billionaire Avant27built2014(1)
C.L.I. Building25built1990(1)
10 Knutsford Terrace24built1999
North Point Government Offices25built1998(1)
Hilary Court31built2000
Bo Shek Mansion II29built1996
Bo Shek Mansion I29built1996
Mass Mutual Tower27built1987(1)
Kiu Kwan Mansion27built1966(1)
Harcourt House27built1989(1)
Hon Kwok Jordan Centre26built1997(1)
Euro Trade Centre26built1982(1)
Liberty Mansion24built2001(1)
Cheuk Nang Centre22built1993(1)
102 Austin Road22built2003(1)
Western Garden Ivy Tower32built1982(1)
Western Garden Evergreen Tower32built1982(1)
The Harbourside28built2004(1)
Tai On Building32built1968(1)
Oi Yuk House31built2001
Tin Ying Road Interim Housing29built
Best Western Grand Hotel29built2012(1)
Po Tin Interim Housing 929built2000(1)
Po Tin Interim Housing 829built2000(1)
Po Tin Interim Housing 729built2000(1)
Po Tin Interim Housing 629built2000(1)
Po Tin Interim Housing 529built2000(1)
Po Tin Interim Housing 429built2000(1)
Po Tin Interim Housing 329built2000(1)
Po Tin Interim Housing 229built2000(1)
Po Tin Interim Housing 129built2000(1)
Jolly Villa29built1982
K. Wah Centre28built1991
Mandarin Oriental Hotel26built1963(1)
Pioneer Centre25built1995(1)
Southeast Industrial Building24built1985
Zoroastrian Building23built1993
Kodak House 123built1992
Aon China Building23built1985
Fung House22built1982(1)
HSBC Centre19built1998(1)
8 Observatory Road19built2015(1)
Fun Tower24built2014
Wing On House31built1967(1)
Tower 12526built1996
City Tower26built1997(1)
Cavendish Heights 426built1986
Sceneway Garden 928built1991(1)
Sceneway Garden 1728built1991(1)
Sceneway Garden 1628built1991(1)
Sceneway Garden 1528built1991(1)
Sceneway Garden 1428built1991(1)
Sceneway Garden 1328built1991(1)
Sceneway Garden 1228built1991(1)
Sceneway Garden 1128built1991(1)
Sceneway Garden 1028built1991(1)
Tsui Yue House30built1980
Tsui Pui House30built1980
Tsui Pik House30built1982
Tsui Lam House30built1980
YMCA International House29built1996
Prince's Building28built1965(1)
Nicholson Tower B28built1991
Nicholson Tower A28built1991
Malibu Garden28built1992
Claymore Lodge28built1990
Yee Fung Court27built1992
The Reach27built2014
Euston Court 226built1988
Minimal Hotel Urban25built1998(1)
Manulife Financial Centre23built2008
Golden Bear Industrial Centre23built1980
Chinachem Johnston Plaza23built1993(1)
Austin Plaza23built1995(1)
St. John's Building22built1982
Billion Plaza27built2001
Willow Mansion30built1982(1)
Pine Mansion30built1981(1)
Banyan Mansion28built1981(1)
The Floridian27built1997
Murray Building25built1970(1)
Shun On Mansion30built1980(1)
Po On Mansion30built1981(1)
Ning On Mansion30built1980(1)
Ko On Mansion30built1980(1)
Kin On Mansion30built1980(1)
Hing On Mansion30built1980(1)
Nathan Commercial Building24built1997(1)
AIA Building22built1967(1)
Monmouth Place25built1994
Cavendish Heights 825built1986
Richview Mansion29built1979(1)
Prosperous Garden 529built1991(1)
Prosperous Garden 429built1991(1)
Prosperous Garden 329built1991(1)
Prosperous Garden 229built1991(1)
Prosperous Garden 129built1991(1)
On Hong Building29built1985
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