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Metropolitian Area Cities
Hong Kong is in the metropolitian area of Pearl River Delta.
• Dongguan
• Foshan
• Guangzhou
• Huizhou
• Jiangmen
• Macau
• Shenzhen
• Zhongshan
• Zhuhai

Hong Kong

Returned to the People's Republic of China from Great Britain in 1997.

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Listing 701 to 800 of 1290 buildings
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Westin Centre27built1998
East Exchange Tower26built1989
ATL Logistics Centre13built1994(1)
The Bloomsville38built2002
Kennedy Heights33built1989
The Avenue Phase 130built2014
Pearl City Mansion34built1971(1)
Oterprise Square28built1998(1)
World Wide House27built1980(1)
Robinson Heights Tower 331built1990
Robinson Heights Tower 131built1989
Century Tower I31built1971(1)
Neptune Terrace Tower 336built1985
Neptune Terrace Tower 236built1985
The Workstation28built1999
Cheuk Nang 21st Century Plaza27built1998
Sceneway Garden 634built1991(1)
Sceneway Garden 534built1991(1)
Sceneway Garden 434built1991(1)
Sceneway Garden 334built1992(1)
Beverly Hill 137built1988
Genius Court23built2002(1)
Parkes Residence30built2015
Hong Villa32built1989
Rosedale Hotel Kowloon29built2012
Lincoln House23built1998(1)
Wonderland Villas 9-1735built1985
Sau Fung House35built1991
Neptune Terrace Tower 135built1985
King Tsui Court35built1991
Hiu Fung House35built1991
Connaught Garden 335built1986
Connaught Garden 235built1986
Connaught Garden 135built1986
Kingsford Height33built1990
Charming Garden33built2000(1)
The Grand Panorama 132built1992
Lascar Court30built1991
Kam Kin Mansion30built1973(1)
C C Wu Building28built1983(1)
Jade Plaza27built2002
Bijou Court27built2000(1)
Pacific Plaza26built1992
Cityplaza One26built1997(1)
Kimberley 2625built2004(1)
Enterprise Square24built1992
Sino Cheer Plaza21built2003(1)
Lippo Leighton Tower26built1992
Continental Diamond Plaza26built2004
133 Leighton Road26built
Hong Sing Garden 531built1989
8 Hart Avenue31built1996(1)
Empire Hotel Kowloon30built2000(1)
Railway Plaza28built1994(1)
Twin Peaks28built2017
Sceneway Garden 732built1991(1)
Sceneway Garden 232built1991(1)
Harbour Plaza North Point31built2000
Garden East Serviced Apartments28built2009(1)
Chuang's Enterprises Tower25built1996
Ko Nga Court31built1993
The Wesley30built
The Blue Yard30built2003
Kennedy Park30built2014
Golden Tulip Panda Hotel30built
Euston Court 130built1988
Corona Tower30built1990(1)
3 Jordan Road30built2004
Kent Place29built2000
Ho King Commercial Building29built1983
South Pacific Hotel28built
Parc Palais 7-928built2004
Parc Palais 5-628built2004
Parc Palais 1-328built2004
Leighton Centre27built1977
Miramar Tower26built1997(1)
129 Repulse Bay Road26built2004(2)
Tung Che Commercial Centre25built1998
Empire Land Commercial Centre25built1983
Emperor Plaza25built1991
China Overseas Building25built1991
The Metropole Hotel24built1988(1)
City Landmark I24built1994
The Hong Kong Club Building23built1984(1)
Global Gateway Tower24built2015
The Westminster Terrace39built2010
Harbour Building25built(1)
Sceneway Garden 831built1992(1)
Sceneway Garden 131built1991(1)
Methodist House28built1998(1)
The Harbour View28built1996
Monmouth Villa28built1996
Cavendish Heights 328built1986
Lokville Commercial Building27built1998(1)
Residential Tower of The PRC Ministry of F...26built1997
Concordia Plaza26built1995(1)
The Leighton Hill31built2002
Hong Sing Garden 432built1989
Hong Sing Garden 332built1989
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