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Metropolitian Area Cities
Hong Kong is in the metropolitian area of Pearl River Delta.
• Dongguan
• Foshan
• Guangzhou
• Huizhou
• Jiangmen
• Macau
• Shenzhen
• Zhongshan
• Zhuhai

Hong Kong

Returned to the People's Republic of China from Great Britain in 1997.
Central was formerly known as Victoria.

Important finanical centre in the Far East .

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Listing 401 to 500 of 1056 buildings
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Hoi Yan House41built2000
Hoi Wen House41built2000
Hoi Ning House41built2000
Hoi Nam House41built
Heng Wan House41built2001(1)
Heng Tung House41built2001(1)
Heng Fai House41built2001(1)
Heng Chui House41built2001(1)
Heng Chi House41built2001(1)
Choi Man House41built1999
Lido Garden39built1989(1)
Hillsborough Court 3-439built1994
Universal Trade Centre32built1992
The Royal Court37built1989
Hing Hong House43built1996
Hing Fung House43built1996
Hing Cho House43built1996
Ching Yi House43built2000
Ching Wo House43built2000
Ching Tai House43built2000
Park Towers 240built1989(1)
Chelsea Heights39built2000
Horizon Place38built2002(1)
Ngar Tsui House37built1990(1)
Bik Tsui House37built1990(1)
Gateway Tower 236built1994(1)
Gateway Tower 136built1994(1)
Metro Park Hotel34built2000
The Gateway Tower 635built1999(1)
The Gateway Tower 535built1998(1)
The Gateway Tower 3: Prudential Tower35built1998
Causeway Centre43built1979(1)
Yuen Fu House & Hang Fu House41built2001(1)
Yan Fu House & Wing Fu House41built2001(1)
Wai Fu House & Nang Fu House41built2001(1)
Siu Fu House & Yat Fu House41built2001(1)
Nga Fu House41built2001(1)
Long Fu House41built2001(1)
Kam Yin House41built2000(1)
Kam Wei House41built2000(1)
Kam Tin House41built2000(1)
Kam Shing House41built2000(1)
Kam Pui House41built2000(1)
Kam Pong House41built2000(1)
Kam Man House41built2000(1)
Kam Lai House41built2000(1)
Kam Kei House41built2000(1)
Kam Hing House41built2000(1)
Kam Fu House41built2000(1)
Kam Ching House41built2000(1)
Hing Fu House & Ning Fu House41built2001(1)
Chun Fu House41built2001(1)
Chui Fu House41built2007(1)
Chai Fu House & Yin Fu House41built2001(1)
Heya Star33built2015
Heya Delight33built2015
Heya Crystal33built2016
Heya Aqua33under construction(1)
Aon Insurance Tower32built1995
GD Tower30built1994
Shing Yuk House41built1999(1)
Shing Yuet House41built1999(1)
Shing Yu House41built1999(1)
Shing Ting House41built1999(1)
Shing Lai House41built1999(1)
Shing Kwan House41built1999(1)
Shing Kan House41built1999(1)
Shing Him House41built1999(1)
Shing Hang House41built1999(1)
Shing Chun House41built1999(1)
Shing Chuen House41built1999(1)
Shing Chi House41built1999(1)
Heng Yan House41built2001(1)
Heng Moon House41built2001(1)
Heng Lok House41built2001(1)
Heng Lai House41built2001(1)
Heng Chun House41built2001(1)
Heng Cheuk House41built2001(1)
Chung Yuet House41built2002(1)
Chung Ying House41built2002(1)
Chung Yan House41built2002(1)
Chung Toi House41built1999(1)
Chung Ting House41built1999(1)
Chung Shui House41built1999(1)
Chung Pik House41built1999(1)
Chung Lau House41built1999(1)
Chung Hoi House41built2002(1)
Chung Ho House41built2009(1)
Chung Bo House41built2009(1)
Choi Yeung House41built2002(1)
Choi To House41built2002(1)
Choi Pak House41built2002(1)
Choi Mui House41built2002(1)
Choi Lau House41built2002(1)
Choi Chung House41built2002(1)
Guangdong Investment Tower29built1996(1)
Greenfields 244built1998
Greenfields 144built1998
Curnine Court42built1985
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