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Metropolitian Area Cities
Hong Kong is in the metropolitian area of Pearl River Delta.
• Dongguan
• Foshan
• Guangzhou
• Huizhou
• Jiangmen
• Macau
• Shenzhen
• Zhongshan
• Zhuhai

Hong Kong

Returned to the People's Republic of China from Great Britain in 1997.
Central was formerly known as Victoria.

Important finanical centre in the Far East .

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Listing 1001 to 1100 of 1124 buildings
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Wai Man House24built1974(1)
Tun Man House24built1975(1)
Tak Man House24built1975(1)
Sun Man House24built1975(1)
Shun Man House24built1976(1)
Lee Ming House24built1979(1)
Lee Hang House24built1979(1)
Lee Cheung House24built1979(1)
Ching Yung House24built1977(1)
Ching Yeung House24built1979(1)
Ching Wai House24built1977(1)
Ching Pak House24built1978(1)
Ching Mui House24built1979(1)
Ching Chung House24built1978(1)
Tin Kam House23built1982(1)
Tin Chu House23built1982(1)
Tin Chi House23built1982(1)
Wonderland Villas 18-2122built1985
Guardian House18built1975(1)
Marina House23built1994(1)
Kowloon Government Offices19built1967(1)
Bo Shek Mansion III19built1996
Star House18built1964(1)
York House14built2006
Dorsett Seaview Hotel21built
Golden Era Plaza19built1999
1&3 Ede Road15built2014(1)
Harbour Plaza Hong Kong Hotel20built
Way Foong Plaza18built1984
The Great Hill16built2007(1)
China Merchants Godown A16built
29 Austin Road16built1991(1)
Hong Kong Central Library13built2001
Fou Wah Industrial Building13built1972(1)
Chungking Mansions17built1961(1)
The Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel18built1969(1)
The Marco Polo Gateway18built1982(1)
Ocean Centre18built1977(1)
Marco Polo Prince Hotel18built1984(1)
Chevalier House17built1982(1)
Ka Wing Building18built1987(1)
Hotel Attitude on Granville17built1981(1)
Hong Kong Design Institute13built2011
Opus Hong Kong12built2012(1)
The Kimberley Hotel21built1990(1)
Honour House19built1969(1)
Wing Fat Mansion17built1980(1)
Wai On Building16built1962(1)
Hong Lok House16built1968(1)
Taurus Building14built1978(1)
Chuang's London Plaza14built1990(1)
Alhambra Building16built1960(1)
Hong Kong City Hall High Block12built1962(1)
T.A.L. Building18built1975(1)
Chung Man House18built1975(1)
Chiu Man House18built1975(1)
Lucky Building16built1976(1)
Jade Mansion15built1965(1)
China Merchants Godown B13built
The Bay Bridgebuilt
Vista Panorama14built1966(1)
Dragon Centre9built1994(1)
Nam Cheong Centre16built1995(1)
Prince of Wales Hospital Main Block14built2010
Knutsford Commercial Building13built1990(1)
Chong Tak Building13built1977(1)
Po Man House16built1976(1)
Lai Man House16built1976(1)
Kin Man House16built1975(1)
Carprio Mansion15built1979(1)
Houston Centre14built1981(1)
Chinachem Golden Plaza14built1988(1)
Kowloon City Law Courts Building12built
Carlton Building15built1984(1)
Wah Tang Building14built1968(1)
Tang's Mansion12built1962(1)
Lok Moon Building12built1985(1)
Luso Apartments Block D10built1964(1)
Luso Apartments Block C10built1956(1)
Luso Apartments Block B10built1956(1)
Luso Apartments Block A10built1956(1)
Festival City 3 Tower 458built2011
Festival City 3 Tower 358built2011
Festival City 3 Tower 258built2011
Festival City 3 Tower 158built2011
Festival City 2 Tower 555built2010
Festival City 2 Tower 355built2010
Festival City 2 Tower 255built2010
Festival City 2 Tower 155built2010
Festival City 1 Tower 551built2010
Festival City 1 Tower 351built2010
Festival City 1 Tower 251built2010
Festival City 1 Tower 151built2010
Billion Center35built2009
Angler's Bay33built2004
EAST, Hong Kong32built
Kong Nam Industrial Building26built1981
Hanley Villa Phase 226built1994
Grand Tower Hotel20built1986
One Kowloon Peak19built2007
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