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Metropolitian Area Cities
Hong Kong is in the metropolitian area of Pearl River Delta.
• Dongguan
• Foshan
• Guangzhou
• Huizhou
• Jiangmen
• Macau
• Shenzhen
• Zhongshan
• Zhuhai

Hong Kong

Returned to the People's Republic of China from Great Britain in 1997.

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Listing 1001 to 1100 of 1290 buildings
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Laguna City 1825built1994(1)
Laguna City 1725built1991(1)
Laguna City 1625built1991(1)
Far East Consortium Mong Kok Building25built1970(1)
Dunbar Place25built2014(1)
Chuang's Hung Hom Plaza25built1996
Hang Wan House24built1987(1)
Garley Building24built1985(1)
Bangkok Bank Building - Kowloon24built1976(1)
Chung Kiu Commercial Building23built1977(1)
KMB Headquarters17built
Bank of China Building17built1951(2)
Wah Tai House28built1971(1)
Wah Sang House28built1971(1)
Chinachem Tower23built1966(1)
23 Hillwood Road23built1997(1)
Chow Tai Fook Center23built1997(1)
The Johnston Suites25built1983(1)
Eastern Harbour Centre19built1992
Innovation Towerbuilt2013(1)
YWCA International Headquarters29built1996
Lok Tai House24built1996(1)
168 Sai Yeung Choi Street23built1995(1)
King's Park Villa22built1996
Chuang's Tower22built1973(1)
Fu Tao Building21built1979(1)
Eaton Hotel Hong Kong21built1990(1)
Grand Tower Hotel20built1986(1)
Yan Fook Centre19built2004
Wai Fung Plaza18built1984(1)
Li Ka Shing Tower18built2001(2)
Mongkong Exchange15built1993(1)
Wah Cheung House27built1971(1)
Siu Ying Commercial Building25built1984(1)
1 Lion Rock Road22built2002(1)
Carlson Court25built2006(1)
Valiant Court24built1979(1)
Chee Sun Building24built1994(1)
Fa Yuen Street Municipal Services Building13built1989(1)
Carmen's Garden22built1997(1)
Eu Yan Sang Tower21built1992(1)
China Minmetals Tower19built1991(1)
Manulife Provident Funds Place18built1998
Chinachem Cameron Centre18built1994(1)
China Insurance Building19built1999(1)
Monster Building22built1972(1)
Sunbeam Commercial Building21built1977(1)
Empire Hotel Hong Kong20built
Ching Yi To Barracks Dragon House20built1974(1)
Golden Dragon Centre19built1992(1)
World Finance Tower South18built1982
HSBC Building Mongkok17built1969(1)
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Headquarters16built
Wonderland Villas 1A-823built1985
Si Toi Commercial Building23built1983(1)
Golden Star Building21built1978(1)
Hillwood Centre20built1993(1)
Wing Yuen House25built1984(1)
Kwai Yuen House25built1984(1)
Fu Yuen House25built1984(1)
Wing Tak Building23built1972(1)
Tin Wan House23built1984(1)
Eastern District Headquarters & North Poin...17built1975
New East Ocean Centre18built1991(1)
K.K. Leung Building20built1988
Wah King House25built1978(1)
Wah Hing House25built1971(1)
Wah Chui House25built1979(1)
Ming Lai House25built1978(1)
Kai Lai House25built1978(1)
Fung Chak House25built1978(1)
Wai Man House24built1974(1)
Tun Man House24built1975(1)
Tak Man House24built1975(1)
Sun Man House24built1975(1)
Shun Man House24built1976(1)
Lee Ming House24built1979(1)
Lee Hang House24built1979(1)
Lee Cheung House24built1979(1)
Ching Yung House24built1977(1)
Ching Yeung House24built1979(1)
Ching Wai House24built1977(1)
Ching Pak House24built1978(1)
Ching Mui House24built1979(1)
Ching Chung House24built1978(1)
Tin Kam House23built1982(1)
Tin Chu House23built1982(1)
Tin Chi House23built1982(1)
Wonderland Villas 18-2122built1985
Guardian House18built1975(1)
Marina House23built1994(1)
Kowloon Government Offices19built1967(1)
Bo Shek Mansion III19built1996
Bangkok Bank Building - Central19built1971(1)
Star House18built1964(1)
Lukfook Jewellery Centre18built1998(1)
York House14built2006
Dorsett Seaview Hotel21built
Grand Building19built1959(1)
Golden Era Plaza19built1999
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